Thursday, September 4, 2014

[Review] Hada Laboღ Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion【使用心得】

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It's been a while since my last update and I seem to be very busy..xD I will have more time for blogging in the near future, I promise!
For those who have been following my Instagram.. yes I was in Asia last month! =D I have bought soo many skincare and makeup goodies to try out, that I don't even know which one to use first.
(肌研 - 極潤 多分子透明質酸)Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion

 Okay, I have tried so many goodies that I don't even know which to write about. I'll introduce my current love then, Hado Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion (肌研 - 極潤 多分子透明質酸)You must have heard of it or seen it before on commercials. This toner has been voted for best toner in Japan (even better than SKII?!?), and is recommended by many famous beauty guru's and beauty shows like 女人我最大.

I have been reading a lot about this lotion since last year, as this lotion has very high ratings, but I didn't had the chance to try this yet. I thought it would be like (White Formula)自白肌‘s Hyaluronic moisturizing lotion, but after using it for a month now, I could finally feel the difference.

 Jun Ji Hyun is the new spokesperson for this product! Another reason to try this lotion ;P.

So how to use? After cleansing, I use 5-6 drops of the lotion to pat into my skin until my skin feels soft and moist. (No break-outs!)

*This toner most suitable for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. 
* Use every morning and evening after face wash, gently massage the face and neck with the toner. 

This lotion is comparable to White Formula (自白肌)'s lotion, as they both have a thick lliquid serum-like consistency. The thick texture doesn't leave any trace of greasiness and it doesn't clog my pores. After using, I realize that my dehydrated skin likes Hada Labo a bit more, as it absorbs very quickly and my skin looks very moist after use.

The price of the lotion is great for what you get, I paid 500 TWD ($16!!) for a bottle of 170ml. ( I think 1 bottle can last up to 6 months... depending on how much you use of course.)

Pros & Cons:

♥Softening effect
♥Hydrates my skin well
♥Consistency of the toner is like a serum
♥Absorbs very well
♥Price (not expensive at all)
♥No scent
♥Suitable for sensitive skin 
♥Alcohol Free
♥Not sticky

 ✖No cooling effect (other toners usually have a cooling effect.)
✖Absorbs well, however not as quick as a thin liquid toner.

I have been using SKII's toner since January, and I must say that the softening and moisturizing effect of the Hada Labo lotion is a lot better in comparison. However, I like the soothing and cooling effect of SK II. This Hado Labo lotion was worth trying and I will definitely repurchase this product. Highly recommended for all skin types!

As I mentioned before, I have been using SKII for while now. So I will be posting my my thoughts about that famous toner soon. =D Thanks for reading xxx Oh and uhm, I want to try Skinny Mint Detox Tea.. should I do it?? =D

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