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[Review] Lieseღ Bubble Hair Color - Ash Brown 【使用心得】

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OMG can't believe it's almost Christmas.... O.o and we're heading to 2015. So what have I done in 2014? I would say nothing much. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do in the near future. (Sounds like a mid-life crisis huh? haha) I must say I had happy times and less happy times during 2014. I guess we're still learning live our lives to the fullest. We tend to make things more complicated while it is actually very simple.  (Happiness lies in simplicity). Everyone, be simple be happy!

Okay enough bullsh*tting... xD 
Today I am going to review a new color of Liese Bubble Hair Color Dye. I have actually found my perfect color already however, I thought it would be nice to have some changes once in while. In my previous post about Liese Bubble Hair  I have mentioned how heavily this product has been promoted on television and the internet in Asia. So if you're looking for a nice hair dye product which is easy to use and actually really works, Liese Bubble hair is the answer. This product is absolutely amazing and worth its price. 

As I have mentioned in my previous hair dye post, I have been dying my hair for like 10 years already. Therefore, I am already used to light colored hair on myself. I have absolutely no idea how dark hair would look on me. I have chosen for a darker shade of brown, Ash Brown 亞麻棕色 / 炭灰啡色. 

from the official Kao Liese website
My previous color, a color which I have worn for 2-3 years already is marshmallow brown, now I am going for Ash Brown, which is 2 shades darker. 

 So what's in the box? Instructions in Chinese, skin allergy test panel, warning note, pink foam cap, a pair of gloves, 2 bottles of solution and a rinse-off treatment.

from the official Kao Liese Website
Kao Liese Bubble Color is permanent hair dye product, which is very easy to apply. All you need to do is mix the solution and will get foam. Apply the foam to the hair and massage the foam in. No need to section the hair anymore. You can do this easily on your own.

There are numbers on the bottles, so all you need to do is to pour bottle 1 to bottle 2 and shake it gently back and forth. 

When you're done, you can put the pink foam cap on the bottle. The bottle should be ready to be squeezed for foam. 

The color results


Below is a official Kao Liese tutorial video with english subtitles :


I can easily squeeze the bottle and it'll create foam. Remember not to apply the foam directly from the bottle to the hair, as it might splatter or get into the eyes.
All you have to do is gently massaging the foam to the hair!

The solution of the hair dye is grey-black, but no worries, you hair will not turn into this color ;)

I know that some brands recommend 2 boxes when you have long hair, well my hair is quite long haha. However, while using Kao Liese Bubble Hair, I do not need a second box. Yay ^^!

Okay now happy squeezing and applying! 

On the Left: Before dying (so this is Marshmallow Brown and my outgrown hair haha)
On the right: After applying Kao Liese Bubble Hair coclor- Ash Brown. (Looks scary on picture)


This is the result:
If you don't think there is a difference, please scroll down the comparing pictures!

On the left: the result of Ash Brown ( my current dye)
On the right: the result of (my previous color) Marshmallow brown
Is it just me or does it look a lot a like on picture? xD 

 * Color:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  4/5
I cannot say that I love this color, as I already have a favorite color. However, I like it a lot! This color is a little bit darker than my previous color. I was actually afraid it would be even darker than this. This brown is a bit ashy, while Marshmallow brown was really light brown. I'm happy with the results as my hair turned out lighter than I thought. Some brands make my hair turn orange in the sun, while Liese doesn't have this problem. (Unless you choose a orange-brown color.)

 Hair condition♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5
My hair doesn't look damaged after using this hair dye. The honey rinse-off treatment made my hair even more silky and smooth. I like the fact that my hair looks quite bright after dyeing. 

Application: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  5/5
Easiest ever! I did everything on my own without a problem! My hair is even-colored without the need to section the hair. The smell was awful, but okay when you compare it with other brands. (This one has the most acceptable smell.) 

*Overall: I must say I still love Liese Hair color Bubble as it is easy to use and the color will always payoff exact as the package! I have tried a lot of hair color brands, and not many of them were a success. If you have dark Asian hair, it is difficult to get a light (and nice) color.  I never wanted to bleach my hair, because I find it expensive and I am afraid it'll damage my hair. I used to think (3years ago) only hairdressers were able to dye dark hair, but hairdressers are very expensive, especially when you have long hair. When you have long hair you have to pay double the price like wtf..?! xD Not to forget, it is also difficult to find a hair dye that doesn't fade away easily, because professional hairdressers use hair dye that can fade away within a month.. =.='' sigh
This product is really worth trying!

My second color of Liese Bubble Hair Color and I still love this product! Highly recommended to everyone!

The left: My previous hair dye (Liese Bubble Hair Color - Marshmallow Brown) 棉花糖棕色
The right: New Darker Hair Color Liese Bubble Hair Color Ash Brown 亞麻棕色/炭灰啡色


I still have to get used to this darker shade, as I have been wearing the lighter for years now. I kinda like the warm dark color for the winter, but I know already that I will be dyeing it light again by spring. XD So do you like my new dark hair color? 

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