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Hoyu BeautyLabo - Whip Hair Color Maple Chocolat (review)

Dear All,

It has been a long hiatus for me as I was out of the country for a while. I came back and I was too busy working, after those busy days I went out of the country again. XD Don't shoot me! 

I went to Japan for a few days and all I can say is that it was simply amazing! I went to Hokkaido and spent time in a resort with lots of mountains and snow! It was my first time in Japan and I never though of going to Hokkaido. Don't get me wrong, Japan is on my top list of and I couldn't be happier going there... It was just the fact that I thought of Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, however my first trip has been a little bit different. Oh well, my life has been full of surprises since last year May. I have been to so many places in a short time of period, and most of them are places I actually never thought about. Except for Hokkaido, I also went to Cuba and Cambodia, which are also places I never seeing myself going to. I must say, I do not regret any of those trips. My other short trips were to Shanghai and Hong Kong, those are places I have been before, thus those were not new to me. All these short trips have been very memorable to me. I am having a whole new life, a life I never have imagined myself. 

Next to enjoying the nice view of the mountains and the dreamy snowflakes, I also enjoyed the nice food and the culture in Japan. I have also dreamed of going to Japan, for the extremely kawaii and dreamy products. I already expected to see an exaggerated way of service, which actually still amazed me. I already knew that Japanese were extremely well-mannered people, but they keep surprising me with the extra-mile they were willing to do for the customer. 
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I was not able to do a lot of shopping in Japan because I had a very limited of time. Not to mention that Hokkaido actually does not have so much goodies as other cities. (Hokkaido is more for a place for winter-sports.) 

When I was in Japan, I felt disgust by my own hair color. I was actually still wearing "Liese - Ash Brown", one of my favorite colors, but you know my hair grows... XD  The color difference became quite obvious, especially because I went to extremely sunny places (Cuba and Cambodia). My hair color has faded a lot, and the color became lighter and dry. The first thing I wanted to do was running into a drugstore to get a hair-dye! 

Japan has a lot hair-dye brands, Liese and Palty are one of the most famous ones. However, I took another quite famous one named "BeautyLabo", which is also a "bubble hair dye". The reason why I chose this hairdye was actually just because of the color. All the other nice colors of Liese and Palty were sold out, so I took this one lol. The color I have chosen is called [Maple Chocolate]

This is how the product looks like. I like "fruit shaker cup" concept. It looks easier in use, but in fact it is exactly the same as the one of Liese. The only thing I like more of this is that I can get the hair dye mousse right away out of the cup with my hands without having to press the bottle. Yay for that! Haha

Okay so this is my hair before the dye, the top is extremely dark because that is my own original hair color. It looks kinda oily and disgusting just because of the faded color and of course 2 days of not washing the hair, just for the preparation. 
(Hair dye works a lot better on oily hair;).)

The reason why I did not dye my hair earlier is because I was actually thinking of keeping my own hair color. But boy, it took so long and I hated the color difference. I did think of dying my hair dark, but then again, I could not resist the lighter colors. 

The color I have chosen is dark brown with a red undertone. I used to wear a lot yellow/orange undertones and the previous hair color had a greyish/yellow undertone. Thus, I decided to go for another brown. I couldn't go for extreme due to my job. 

So this is how it works, you throw everything in the cup (except for the hair mask/conditioner of course). 
You shake it gently for 30 times up and it'll become mousse. When it has become mousse it is ready for use! Just open de cup and spread it fairly in the hair. Leave it in for approximately 30min and you are ready to wash your hair!

Remember to rinse off your hair-dye until the water becomes clear. After it has become clear you can apply some shampoo and the conditioner afterwards of course. 

Here is a quick instruction video by Hoyu BeautyLabo:

credits: Hoyu BeautyLabo on YouTube

My hair has become so smooth because of the hair-dye and the conditioner that came with the package. It actually became a little bit too smooth because I had difficulties with curling my hair for 2 weeks! (My hair was too smooth so the curl did not stay like it did before I dyed my hair.)

Hair color on dark hair ♥ 5/5
Easy in use  ♥ 5/5
Smell ♥ 3/5 (to be honest the smell was okay, it was definitely doable for a hair dye! I must say one of the best, but I still didn't like it! Lol
Price ♥ 5/5 I forgot the price but it was a little bit cheaper than Liese.
Hair condition after use 

So do I like the color, I say YES

Before and After: 

You can see clearly that I had a darker color but with a yellowish undertone (My previous color dye was Liese Bubble Hair Ash Brown.) Hoyu BeautyLabo Maple Chocolate has a more warm undertone, and looks a little bit red/brown.


I must say that most Japanese hair-dye products are easy in use, and of course most suitable for dark hair. It is definitely comparable to Liese, it's just that the packaging looks less fancy. The results are comparable. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about how long it'll last pretty on the hair, because I am just wearing this color for a month now. But, I think it is also comparable to Liese, it also depends on the sun exposure on the hair. 

Right now, I am heading to Taiwan. The moment when I am releasing this post I guess I will be back in my hometown already. The airplane seems to be the best place where I can sit quietly for my blogposts! 

Thanks for reading^^


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