Thursday, September 25, 2014

[Review] Diorღ Purifying Foaming Cleanser with crystal iris extract【使用心得】

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Something really weird happend today. I went for shopping today and I came across a brand named " forever flawless". They were promoting this brand by giving out free samples, and we got curious about the brand. The salesperson invited us to go inside for another sample. (Well that's what he said..) When we got into the store, we were amazed how spacious it was and it looked like a hair salon. The salesperson invited us to take a seat and wanted to try out on our hands. He showed us the peeling gel which contains diamond powder, he demonstrated on my hand and told us a bit more about the product. My skin felt really soft after use, so I got curious about the price (as it contains diamond powder). He told us the peeling off gel is 180 euros which is approximately 230 USD!!! We weren't planning the spend money on skincare as we were off for birthday presents. We went inside because he insisted to give us a sample.......which is the funniest part because I asked for a small sample because I don't want to spend that much money on something I haven't heard before. Guess what?... he said no, we don't have any samples. =.='' He offered a free demonstration on our faces, but we refused already. After a while, when we already told him that we still have to think about it, he started talking about a welcome price. When you combine the peeling gel with a moisturizer, it will be 199 euros (approx 255 USD). Which was weird, because he only mentioned the welcome price because we wanted to leave. He kept on talking and was willing to sell 1 peeling gel (180 euros) for 99 euros (126 euros)... =.='' He even offered a free facial treatment at the back of the store................... It felt so weird, he kept on pushing and tried to sell that product so badly. We left because we really felt uncomfortable in the store. I guess he really needed the commission....... Have you ever heard of this brand?

Okay, back to my review. xD I promised to update my blog soon, and here I am again.
Do you still remember I mentioned a brand that I really really like and recommend? I am finally going to reveal one of my favorite skincare brands.

Dior's purifying foaming cleanser with crystal iris extract. 

  • Formulated with Crystal Iris extracts to deeply cleanse skin
  • Rapidly & easily eliminates makeup & dirt
  • Gives ideal comfort & freshness to skin
  • Leaves skin clear, invigorated in a matte complexion
  • Perfect for normal & combination skin.

Pros & Cons:

♥Softening effect
♥Hydrates my skin well
♥Consistency is very creamy
♥Nice scent
♥Suitable for sensitive skin 

♥Removes all my makeup 
♥Cleanses with drying the skin


I have tried many cleansers and this is now my favorite. It removes all my makeup and cleanses my face with just a tiny amount of the cleanser. The consistency of the cleanser is creamy and it foams up nicely.  My face feels extremely soft and moisturized after use. 

This product is a little bit overpriced, so I'm only getting this during sale... xD I have been using this cleanser for almost a year now and I am still satisfied with the results. However, I am going to try something new soon. ^^ 

Thanks for reading^^ xx

Bared-face (no makeup!) selfie after my cleansing routine.. XD 

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  1. That's a lot of pros!! I'll take a look at it ^^
    Looks very good!!

    Thanks for the short review ^^

    恵美より ♥