Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Etude Houseღ - My Dear Blooming Lipstalk #BE101 Worry Beige

It's been a while since my previous update as you can see.. haha ok I have been busy and lazy at the same time. But...! I am proudly to announce the grand opening of our online webshop >>
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Okay, I am going to review something very sweet and cute...=D. Lipstick...!! I never really liked lipstick until last year when I had to apply lipstick for work. Now I am absolutely addicted to lipsticks<3 

I have become a huge Etude House fan because of the extremely cute girly packaging and of course their affordable prices. No, it´s not just cute and cheap... Their products actually have a high quality standard compared to the prices. So why pay more for something with the same good quality standards? 

I usually only use nude color lipsticks unless someone can convince to to use other colors. (In my opinion red lips are to heavy for my outer appearance. Unless it's needed for parties=D) Reason why I love nudie lipsticks is because of the natural yet classy look it gives me. It evens the tone of my lips and it completes every look. Nude lips can be very elegant, simple, natural but also sexy!

Finding the right nude lipstick is very difficult. It has to match your skin tone in order to enhance the whole look, otherwise it might make you look pale or dull.

The original color of your lips is also important when trying to find the perfect nude color. If you have deep toned, natural dark lips, you can try to wear the palest nude color to neutralize your lips. For beauties with rosy/red lips, try to find yourself a nude color with a beige gold undertone. As for pale lips, try a nude color with a pinkish undertone.

I have chosen for the most popular nude color of the My dear blooming lips talk series, #BE101 Worry Beige. This nudie lipstick has a beige-pinkish undertone which is a perfect match with my natural rosy lip color.
As you can see, this color gives me a simple-sweet look.

So what else can I tell about this cute lipstick? It has a sweet candy smell, and it looks extremely cute!

#BE101 Worry Beige & #PK005 Flutter Pink 

Packaging♥ 4/5 
Look at the cute packaging, it's pink with a cute bow, which you can take off and wear as a ring.. XD Not only the packaging is cute, but also the inside. ... as you can see the Etude House heart logo is imprinted on the lipstick.. <3 I love the packaging, however, it is missing some luxurious touch.  
Color: ♥ 5/5
I LOVE the color. It has a beige/pinkish undertone so it matches both pale and rosy lips. This lipstick has a great color-payoff, you basically see the same color on your lips as you've seen on the lipstick. This color is perfect for every look.

*Lasting Power: ♥♥ 3.5/5 
The lasting power of this lipstick is great, it can hold up to 5 hours without fading. However the color does transfer (like almost all other lipsticks..=.=''), so be careful.

*Comfort/moisturizing power: ♥♥ 3.5/5 This lipstick feels very soft and doesn't dry out my lips. The moisturizing power of this lipstick is quite good, however, I do know better ones.. xD (oh well, that one was twice as expensive..)

I LOVE this lipstick. I like the color, love the smell, love the packaging and love the reasonable price i paid for it. However, I would love it even more if it was even more moisturizing for my lips. Etude House's My dear blooming lips talk is highly recommended! 

Grab your Etude House My Dear Blooming Lips Talk at (free shipping this month!)
More pictures of me wearing #be101 Worry Beige =D


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