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[Review] TheCandySkinღ Cosmetics【使用心得】

Hello Hello,

It's almost a month ago since my last update.. I can only say, time flies.........

So what have I done since my last update, well I did some research about that brand I mentioned in my previous post.. (you know the diamond powder one..) Okay, after some research I realized a lot people had the same experience like me, and most of them even bought the product.. >.<..
That product turned out to be bad for the skin. I've even read a news report about the brand and their products. So girlsss be aware when you get that "diamond powder approach".

Okay back to my review. So what have I been up to? Working, shopping and doing nothing... XD
I know I still have a lot of products I still have to review/use, but I just don't have enough time to do so. (xD)

My latest beauty haul? TheCandySkin Cosmetics! I came across their Instagram and I was attracted by their cute and pretty packaging. (yea, the packaging.... xD )

I was interested in their matte lipsticks, as I wanted to try their nudie colors. (I love Nudie lipsticks.) Therefore, I decided to order 2 of them and after browsing on their website I saw some other goodies that I would want to try...

So I decided to try their Gel eyeliners, as I haven't used any gel eyeliner before. I am actually already used to liquid ones, and I am kind of dedicated to my Heroine Make Impact Liquid eyeliner. Well, yeah why not giving it a try. When I saw all the colors, I decided to go for a brown shade, as I could use that for my lower eyelids.

I have chosen for [Gel Eyeliner #Chocolate]. This gel eyeliner comes in a cute mini jar with a box. (Looks fancier than I thought it would be.) When I saw the color inside, I was a little bit afraid that the color might be too light. But you'll see the color gets darker after using it.

This Gel eyeliner comes with a handy brush, and is extremely easy to apply. The gel consistency of the eyeliner is quite thick and the color coverage is good. The gel eyeliner doesn't feel dry on the eyelids at all.

I was quite surprised by the results of this gel eyeliner. The natural brown color doesn't look too heavy on the eyes. ( I am usually only using black liquid eyeliners.) However, I must say the brownish gel eyeliner made me look slightly different from what I am used to.

This gel eyeliner might also be easier for lower eyelids and you can use this for a not that heavy [煙熏妝] Smokey eyes look. Oh, I almost forgot the most important's doesn't smudge!! So highly recommended cuties!

Color:  5/5
* Smudge safe: ♥ 4/5
* Easy to apply:  5/5

Here a short video where you can see it is extremely easy to apply:

Okay, so why did I decide to try a new mascara while I already have a favorite one? Ummm.. they had a great combination deal... xD Therefore, a new mascara. I was like "oh well, why not?"

This mascara is called [Oh! My Own Falsie Mascara]. The name sounded funny yet interesting, which was also a reason to try something new. 

First of all, I love the packaging. The mascara feels kinda heavy and it's packaging is simple yet classy. Thumbs up for the design!

So, I was kinda curious whether my lashes (which are actually already quite long, especially for an Asian..xD) could get that falsie look from this mascara. If I really have to be honest, the answer would be no. xD BUT!
This mascara does makes my lashes appear longer and it separates my lashes one by one. It's a great mascara and it gives me a more clean look. (Clean false lashes could also be possible... xD) The combination of the Chocolate gel eyeliner and this mascara creates a simple - clean look, which I like. You wouldn't like to have lashes sticking on each other right?
This mascara doesn't smudge, but I realized it isn't waterproof, which I really need in this rainy - high humidity country. Recommended? YES! (you have to keep in mind it is not waterproof though.;) )

* Packaging:  5/5
* Longer lashes:  4/5
* Easy to apply:  5/5

Finally, the matte lipstick I was interested in! Look how pretty the packaging is!!!! 
This [Velvet Matte Lipstick By TheCandySkin] looks extremely classy. I have chosen for #1 Le frêne, and #2 La Pâquerette. Both are Nudie Colors, #1 looks more brownish Nude and #2 pinkish Nude. To complete my look for this review, I have chosen for a more sweet looking color shade. Pinkish-Nude! I was kinda afraid my lips would get very dry or felt dry after applying. But, surprisingly it didn't feel dry at all, my lips felt quite moist with this lipstick.
The color coverage is great with the beige-pinkish undertone. 
This lipstick has a great color-payoff, you basically see the same color on your lips as you seen on the lipstick. The lasting power is okay, the color would fade anyway. ( Like all other lipsticks.. xD) Furthermore, color also most of the lipsticks will.
The only thing I missed is a nice scent.. xD Okay, I am used to lipsticks that have a nice scent. This doesn't smell like anything at all... xD  Recommended? Yes, again. =D
* Packaging:  5/5
* Color:  5/5

Me wearing the Gel eyeliner #chocolate, Oh! My falsie Mascara & Velvet Matte Lipstick! =)

 (Mascara: TheCandySkin Oh!My Falsies Mascara
BB Cream- Missha Perfect Cover #23
Eyeliner: TheCandySkin Gel eyeliner #Chocolate, 

Lipstick: Velvet Matte Lipstick #2 by TheCandySkin
Blush: Guerlain- Meteorities Bronzing)

I am starting to get pimples because of work.. >.<. So I am trying to figure out whether I need something else for my skin to prevent myself from those ugly pimples. I'm also thinking of taking braces. As some of you might have noticed, I have rabbit teeth.. =.=''. Some people are telling me I might look different afterwards, so what to do?? 

Okay anyway.. Thanks for reading! xxx

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