Monday, July 22, 2013

[Tutorial] Simple Eye Makeupღ

Hey All,

Summer has just started here in the Netherlands, but I didn't even had time to enjoy the nice weather...=.='' I have been extremely busy with work and everything else except for relaxing... So I guess it's about time to relax a bit.. xD I am definitely not going to the beach because I don't want to get tanned... XD. So, I guess I will have to stay home and do nothing!^^

Haha, it has been a while since my last update so I decided to post something new on my blog=D. I was thinking of making a makeup tutorial video, but I failed......I was way too picky on my outer appearance in the video and I was doing it over and over again.. *SIGH* I guess I need more confidence and guts to do so........ =(

*Anyywaysss* My makeup tutorial failed, so I had to think of something else. It took me a while, but I finally found a solution. It might not be the most creative solution, but I enjoyed making it. ^^ I have made a tutorial with pictures^^!

So why did I want to make an eye makeup tutorial? First of all, I think the eyes are the most important part of the face. In my opinion, beautiful eyes is the most important key to facial attractiveness.^^

Basically, I wanted to share my simple eye makeup tips with all Asian beauties out there.

First of all, I have been wearing Geo Rainbow Color Lenses for the tutorial, however, it's not necessarily needed. Because the lenses will not make your eyes bigger, but it will enhance the appearance of the eyes. I like the brown color, so I decided to wear them to complete my look.

*If you want to create bigger eyes, you will need to wear bigger contacts (at least 14.5mm), double eyelid tape to create big eyelids and wear huge false eyelashes. I personally love to see those nice dolly big eye-makeup. I love seeing huge eyelids and big eyelashes on pictures. They are amazing, however, in real life it might be too much makeup and it might look too fake. Therefore I have chosen for a more natural look, everyday makeup look.

Look no.1: Simple
Most important key to make your eyes pop? Draw a winged eyeliner! As you can see, my eye looks very dull and sleepy on the first picture, because I'm not wearing any makeup at all. My eye looks more lively and popped out after drawing a deep black winged eyeliner with my Dolly Wink Liquid Black eyeliner. In fact, a deep black eyeliner should be enough for an Asian's everyday makeup. I could live without my mascara, but not without my eyeliner... xD

I always start my eye makeup with a liquid black eyeliner, because I usually don't use eyeshadow on my upper eyelids. However, if you decide to use some eyeshadow on your upper eyelids, you could also apply eyeshadow first and then the eyeliner.

Look no. 2: Simple, yet eye-catching (Korean look)
The next step to make your eyes pop? Highlight your eyes with white eyeshadow! 
I usually only apply white eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eyes, however, I wanted to show you something more outstanding. I used Bourjois White eyeshadow on my lower eyelids and inner corner of my eyes. After using the white eyeshadow, you'll notice that your eyes stand out more.White eyeshadow can make your eyes spark=) I have also been using a brown eyeliner pencil on the outer corner of the lower eyelids to make the use pop out more.

The key to create a Korean simple makeup look? Use white eyeshadow on your lower eyelids! The eyes will look a little bit puffy and round.When you're satisfied with this look you could complete the your makeup with some mascara.
Look no.3: Attractive, yet natural look.
 Not into a simple look? Next step to make your eyes pop> Use the right eye shadow colors to make the eyes more attractive.^^

When you're Asian, you'll have to be careful with the eye colors you choose. Some colors could make your eyes very puffy and swollen. Therefore, I have chosen for a more neutral color palette.

Three colors should be enough to make the eyes attractive.
The lightest color will open and brighten the eyes. Apply a light shade from the inner corner to the middle of lid.The medium color will give slight depth to the eyes and remember to avoid using dark colors over the entire eye. It will make the eyes appear smaller. Use dark colors on the outer corner of the eyelids to intensify the eye makeup. 

As you can see, the eyes are more popped out, but still quite natural.^^ To complete the look, I have used Koji's Eyelash curler to curl the lashes, and Dolly Wink's Long Mascara for the finishing touch. YAY! DONEE!!

So which look do you like the most? ^^
I hope this was a useful post to you. =D

Thanks for reading and remember to relax more!^^ Xx

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