Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Review] Jeweloveღ no.p-3 Natural Eyes 【使用心得】

Hi beauties,

How is everyone doing? I had a quite difficult time a few weeks ago, so I didn't felt like updating my blog. I even lost some weight.. xD which I am actually very happy about.. xD But I think I will gain weight again soon... xD Haha, I am feeling a lot better already and I am sure I will be completely fine soon! Add oil everyone!

Okay, I did some online shopping before I went through that difficult time, so I have a huge list of products that I still have to try and review. Today I am going to review one of my favorite "makeup tools".... false lashes! As mentioned in my previous posts, I usually never wear false eyelashes, but I love to see them. I love the fact that it can make my eyes pretty^^

So what brand am I going to review today? Jewelove P-3 Natural eyes.

What can I say about the packaging? Well these lashes come in 2 pairs and they are separately packed in plastic boxes, which is very handy. However, these lashes doesn't come with glue. So I had to use my Dolly Wink lashes glue...... =.=''

How to apply these lashes? 
1. bend the lashes slightly to create more curve so that it'll fit the size of your eyelid better. 
2. Cut length if necessary.
3. Put adhesive glue (which isn't included in the package....=.='') on the root of the lash line.
4. Place it along the eye line of your original Lashes
5. Press the falsies with the fingers to fit gently and firmly.

I have chosen for natural eyes because I didn't want it to look too fake. However, these lashes are absolutely not natural at all. These falsies are full and big, you will notice them immediately, even from a distance.. xD

Jewelove's eyelashes are really easy to apply. My eyes did not feel uncomfortable while applying these lashes. Furthermore,  I would not recommend these lashes for everyday wear, because the length of these lashes aren't that natural! XD As you can you see the lashes are extremely long and full.

These lashes doesn't feel plastic, so they are actually comparable to the ones of Dolly Wink.

(For those who are interested in my contacts... I am wearing Pegavision- Aquamax Color - Daily disposable soft contact lenses - Brown / 晶碩光學-日拋。層棕. )

Pros & Cons:

♥Easy to apply!!
♥Comfortable to wear!!
♥The lashes and the band are very soft 
♥Easy to remove! (will not break)
♥Comes with 2 pairs.

 ✖ No Glue included.......
✖These lashes are a bit pricey.. =(
✖Not that natural

If you like to wear big falsies, these false eyelashes will be perfect for you. They do remind me a little bit to Dolly Wink's, however, I do still prefer Dolly Wink's lashes. These lashes are cheaper than Dolly Wink's so you might want to try these!^^ 

Thanks for reading everyone;)

Overall Rating 8/10

I bought these Jewelove eyelashes at Tokyoninki!


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