Sunday, July 7, 2013

[Review] GEOღ Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Sky Blue 【使用心得】

Hello! I have been very busy with work so I didn't had much time to update my blog. Have you noticed something new on my blog? There is a new tab called YUMEIღ Shop ^^ You can find cute and trendy fashion accessories to complete your look here. You might also find some cute goodies to make others happy!^^

Okay, time to review about my very first blue lenses that I have purchased at TokyoNinki. I have never tried blue lenses before and I decided to try these because there was an amazing promotion on the Rainbow Color Lenses. I almost bought every single color they had in their collection.

This is not my first post about GEO Rainbow Color Cosmetic lenses, so I will keep the explanation short. Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses is a collaboration between GEO Medical Ltd. and Cheesie, a famous Malaysian Blogger. Rainbow Color Contact Lenses are 100% genuine and certified GEO Medical lenses, which means assured quality. 

Rainbow Color lenses come in 6 different colors, Wood Ash, Earth Brown, Sky Blue, Lilac Purple, Storm Grey, Circle Brown and Circle Black. The colors I have purchased are: Circle Brown, Wood Ash, Sky Blue, Earth Brown and Storm Grey. (I have already reviewed Circle Brown & Ash Wood in my previous posts.)

Today I am going to review GEO Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Sky Blue

Manufacturer: GEO Rainbow Color 
Diameter: 14.20 mm
Produced by: GEO Medical Ltd.
Country of Origin: Korea
Life Span: 3 Months Disposable
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 42%
Contents: Sterile Hydrophilic Contact Lenses
Color: Sky Blue

This cute box has 2 vials containing the lenses and a pink-white contact lens case.
I like the cute packaging^^. This packaging would definitely grab my attention in a store.
These lenses are supposed to be blue, but they look a bit grey to me. So the contact lenses are not exactly the same as the picture on the box.

Like any other GEO Rainbow color contact lenses, these lenses will not make your eyes look bigger, the color is supposed to enhance the appearance of the eyes.^^ The size of these lenses are slightly bigger than normal contact lenses.

 Okay, I'm going to post some pictures of myself without contact lenses:

So this is how I look like without any contact lenses. I look a bit more confident now(compared to my other pictures without contacts), because I am wearing falsies. XD However, I do still think my eyes look dull and sleepy without color cons. 

Here's a closer look:

Okay, I am going to post some scary pictures! 
Me wearing GEO Rainbow Color - Sky Blue
with flash
natural sunlight

natural light

* Size 4/5
These lenses are slightly enlarging my eyes and my eyes look more bright and shining now. These lenses are for those who do not want to look different from the original looks. The size of these lenses are very natural, however, the color of the lenses aren't natural at all! In fact, you will not be wearing these lenses for the big eyes dolly look, but for the amazing color it has, as these are color cons! 
(If you're looking for contacts with huge enlargement effects, I would not recommend you to use these, as these are more for a natural look.)

* Color: ♥ 4/5
I've always had double feelings about blue contacts, as I have always wanted to try blue contacts, however, I knew it wouldn't suit me. Blue contacts are simply not natural, and they might make me look like a zombie. 
These Sky Blue lenses are nice on pictures and are perfect for parties, but absolutely not for everyday wear. Unless you have very light-colored eyes or you simply don't care how people think about you. xD I do like the color of these lenses, they are a bit greyish-blue. My eyes look very catchy with these lenses. I love the fact that it enhances my eyes and the different look it gives me.

* Comfortableness: ♥ 4/5  
These lenses are very soft and thin, I can barely feel them. However, compared to the other colors of GEO Rainbow, these lenses are less comfortable.
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for too many hours. It's bad for the eyes!)

*Overall: So do I LOVE these lenses? umm.. hard to say. These lenses are nice when you are wearing false eyelashes, otherwise you will really look like a zombie. The color of these contacts are not natural at all, and I personally like natural colors more. However, I still like these lenses, I actually enjoyed wearing these. xD The color effects of these lenses are great and these lenses look great on pictures. I would highly recommend these color cons for parties. 

I've mentioned in my previous posts that Rainbow Color Contacts will be producing a new batch with new colors and more prescription options (the current batch doesn't have much prescription options =/),  so I am still waiting for those to come!^^
I highly recommend these lenses to those who are looking for blue, unnatural and eye-catching color cons! xD

Me wearing GEO Rainbow Color - Sky Blue:

 (False lashes: Dolly Wink Natural Girly & Vivid Pop,
BBcream: Missha M Signature Real Complete,
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Kiss Me impact liquid eyeliner, 

Lipcare: Clinique Chubby Stick Heaping Hazelnut)

Thanks for reading^^!


  1. I feel like them being so dark adds a certain mystery to my look, or at least I’d like to think so! There’s a Greek saying about people with black

  2. Great blog post, thanks for sharing it here !

    Do not forget to dress up your beautiful eyes too!

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  3. Wow! You look prettier with those blue, slightly-oversized contact lenses. Anyway, it is important for individuals to know if the colour of such lenses will be appropriate for their skin tone and hair colour. Nevertheless, this blog is interesting. Keep posting those beauty tips!

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