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[Review] Skin79ღ Super+ Blemish Balm Pink Label BB cream 【使用心得】

I have always wanted to be like a plastic doll(!!), but plastic surgery is too expensive and too risky to me, so I'll just have to live with my face. xD Oh.. and uhh.. have you noticed that all Koreans have a flawless skin?! I want that as well!!! xD haha..

I guess I might really need plastic surgery if I want to have a small face with big eyes, small nose and tiny mouth. xD Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. xD But I guess I should be possible to create a "flawless skin" look with the beauty secret of the Koreans, BB CREAM!! ^^

Today I am going to review another BB cream that I have been using a lot lately >>
Skin79 Super+ Blemish Balm Triple Function

[Review] Skin79ღ Super + Blemish Balm Pink Label 
Skin79ღ Super+ 桃紅清透BB霜【使用心得】

This BB cream seem to be quite popular in Asia, it has been recommended by Kevin (Taiwanese Beauty Guru) on Nv Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大), so I wanted to give it a try as well. (I actually got a free sample of 15g when I purchased a White Formula toner, so I didn't pay anything for this.^^v)

For those who aren't familiar with BB cream:
BB cream is a skincare - makeup product. "Blemish Balm, also called BB cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to sooth and regenerate the skin." Therefore, BB Cream is a product with skin conditioning effects!

This Skin79 Super+ BB cream has three functions: whitening, UV protection and wrinkle free. These 3 functions are somewhat the most important functions of all BB creams, so this BB cream isn't much different from others I guess. 

The packaging says that this product "has an excellent cover function by composition of makeup base and foundation. It can correct your irregularly different skin tones naturally. This BB cream contains Adenosine and Arbutin which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic  moisturized skin." 


How to use this: After skincare, apply evenly on skin. 

Packaging: It's PINKKKKK!!! xD I love the packaging. I like the compact size of it, and it comes with a pump. ^^

This BB cream is actually one of the most popular BB creams in Korea, so I was very curious about this product. However, after doing some research on this product, I realized that this BB cream only comes in 1 color. o.o'' I wasn't sure whether this product would be suitable for my skin color, as I am not that "white" like the Koreans are........=.='' 

Like all other BB creams, Skin 79 Super+ looks greyish when you start to apply this on the skin. However, the color will adjust and blend in with your skin tone. (You might have to wait like 10 minutes though.. xD) The consistency of the BB cream is very creamy and the coverage of this product is great. My skin looked evenly and dewy after applying this BB cream. (Although, I do still need a concealer to cover my dark spots).

Pros & Cons:
♥ Natural look, no heavy foundation effect
♥ Moisturizing
♥ No exact color match is needed.
(color shades adjust to your skin as long as you get the one that is right for your undertone)
♥ Easy to apply
♥UV protection 
♥ Whitening (not sure whether it works though.. xD) 

✖ The color of this BB cream might not blend well if you have a darker skin tone.
 ✖ my skin felt a little bit dry after a while.
(This BB cream might be more suitable for people with a more oily skin.)

This BB cream gives me a natural flawless skin look. I like the fact that my skin looks dewy and healthy after applying this. I would highly recommend this BB cream. The coverage is good enough and it has skin benefits^^!
(Nevertheless, I still like Missha M Signature Real Complete BB cream more)

Overall rating 8.5/10

Grab your Skin79 Super + BB Cream at

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