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[Travel] 台灣 Taiwanese Food Cravings (1) - street food

It's been 3 months since I came back from my last trip to Taiwan, and I'm having an "after trip depression" ever since. I want to go back so badly! I'm missing the place, the food and the people of this beautiful island.

I grew up in The Netherlands, a multicultural country, which was also ranked as the "happiest" country  in 2011. However, when I'm in The Netherlands, I don't feel as happy as I am while I'm in Taiwan. xD I feel home in Taiwan. It's not because I'm on a trip and able to relax etc. In fact, I've been in Taiwan for an exchange program and an internship, so it's not just relaxing. I really LOVE TAIWAN.

I was browsing my photos from my last trip to Taiwan and I got more depressed by just looking at them xD, especially when I see all the delicious food I ate. I have been craving Taiwanese food ever since I'm back from my Internship =( !!

As mentioned before, I grew up in The Netherlands, a country which doesn't really have street vendors, so street food is really unusual to me. When I just got here, I didn't dare to eat from the streets.. xD I didn't know what they were selling and whether it would be hygienic or not.... XD
After living in Taiwan for a while, I started to accept and to appreciate street snacks.

One of my favorite street food:  Prince Cheese Potato - (王子起士馬鈴薯- 綜合口味 ).
Prince Cheese Potatoes are very popular in Taipei, there is always a long queue at their stand.
Prince Cheese Potato - (王子起士馬鈴薯- 綜合口味 )

Basically, it's a fried potato with a crunchy bite, filled with pineapple, eggs, corn, broccoli, bacon, smoked chicken and ham poured with (a lot of) cheddar cheese sauce. 
You can actually choose your own toppings, this combination is their best selling one, and it is my favorite! It may not sound really yummy to you, but I love this, I could eat this potato everyday! =D You can find Prince Cheese Potatoes at the Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 & Xi Men Ding 西門町. 

Taiwanese people love to wait for their food, when there is a long queue, you know that they're are waiting for some good food! xD

I, personally hate queues! I think it's a waste of time and I will get tired and bored. xD However, if you want to eat good food in Taiwan, you will have to stand in the long queue!

Shilin Night Market's Hot Star Chicken Cutlet (豪大雞排) is one of the most famous street foods in Taiwan. Therefore, they also have the longest queue ever! I waited 7 minutes for my famous Chicken Cutlet! So was it worth it? To be honest, I was already too tired of waiting, so I wasn't like "WOW, this was worth waiting". Nevertheless, I was surprised about the size of the chicken, it was as big as my face! Their chicken cutlets are fried, so it was very crispy and the meat was super tender and juicy. I must say, this Hot Star Chicken Cutlet was really tasty! A must try when you're in Taiwan! ^^

I also did some sightseeing when I was in Taiwan. I went to the beautiful Wulai (烏來), a place that is famous for its hot springs and aboriginal culture. Besides, their beautiful scenery and culture, they also have good food! YAY! xD

The famous Ya Ge - Pork Meat Sausage 雅各-山豬肉香腸 from Wulai. >>
I, personally don't really like to eat sausages, so I shared mine with my bf. I was happy that I took a bite of this sausage. It was the best I ever had.  (we bought another 2 to eat. xD)

The meat was very juicy and the taste was great. Wulai has more nice snacks, they have MOCHI! I love MOCHI's xD. I found fried mochi's here and they were sooo tasty!

Taiwan is famous for its street snacks (and small eats), you can find all kinds of street foods e.g. shawarma, bahn mi, tonkatsu, mochi, stinky tofu, takoyaki, shaved-ice, cold noodles, oyster omelet, pan-fried bun, scallion pancake and many more. They even have Hong Kong's famous Eggette/egg waffle (雞蛋仔).
little girl waiting for her egg waffles^^

I randomly came across this stand when I was walking around at the Gongguan Night Market (公館夜市), I was like "EGG WAFFLESSS!!" xD They tasted the same as the ones I tried in Hong Kong. =D

I actually tried a lot of street foods of Taiwan and I'd love to share those with you, but I didn't take any pictures..boohoo T.T. 
If you're planning to go to Taiwan and you're going to try their street foods, remember to try those I have mentioned above! :P I highly recommend 鹹酥雞 XianSuJi (Taiwanese style fried chicken), 派克幾塊 Chicken Nuggets from Pai Ke Ji Pai, 蔥油餅 scallion pancake,刨冰山shaved-ice, 炸香菇 fried mushrooms,可麗餅 Crepes, 麻糬 Mochi's and many many more... xD 

I still have more Taiwanese food cravings to share, so to be continued. ^^

I'm hungry now, so i'm going to eat! xD 
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment! ^^

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