Thursday, June 6, 2013

[Review] GEOღ Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Wood Ash 【使用心得】

Did I already tell you about the amazing online store that sells Japanese beauty and cosmetic products? Yes...TokyoNinki! They had an amazing promotion on their Rainbow Color Lenses, so I bought a few colors to make my eyes pretty^^!

As mentioned in my previous post, Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses is a collaboration between GEO Medical Ltd. and Cheesie, a famous Malaysian Blogger.
Rainbow Color Contact Lenses are 100% genuine and certified GEO Medical lenses, which means assured quality. These lenses come in 6 different colors, Wood Ash, Earth Brown, Sky Blue, Lilac Purple, Storm Grey, Circle Brown and Circle Black. All these colors looked so nice on the ads, so I decided to purchase some to try out. The colors I have purchased are: Circle Brown, Wood Ash, Storm Grey and Sky Blue.

Today I am going to review GEO Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Wood Ash.

The packaging is very cute! It looks like a candy box.. xD Each box has 2 vials containing the lenses and a pink-white contact lens case. 

Manufacturer: Rainbow Color
Diameter: 14.20 mm
Produced by: GEO Medical Ltd.
Country of Origin: Korea
Life Span: 3 Months Disposable
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 42%
Contents: Sterile Hydrophilic Contact Lenses
Color: Wood Ash 

As you can see the color of the lenses are hazel-greenish-brown. The color looks exactly the same as the picture on the box. 

The size of these lenses are slightly bigger than normal contact lenses. However, these will not really make your eyes look bigger, the color is going to enhance the appearance of the eyes.^^ 


Okay, I'm going to post 2 pictures of myself without wearing lenses nor false lashes..

So.. this is how I look like without wearing color or circle lenses. I'm wearing some eye-makeup (eyeliner and mascara), no false lashes! My real eye color is dark brown with a black circle around my iris.
I can't believe I didn't apply any falsies for this picture... xD In my opinion, my eyes look very dull without color cons. As you can see, I have a quite insecure look on my face. I seriously didn't know how to pose for the pic.....I guess it's a lack of self confidence.xD I think I'm really addicted to color contacts...!

Okay, here are some pictures of my eyes wearing GEO Rainbow Color Contacts - Wood Ash
(After making pictures of myself without the lenses, I decided to wear some falsies to "brighten up" my eyes.. xD)
with flash (looks a bit scary...)

natural sun light
normal light

* Size♥ 4/5
These lenses are slightly enlarging my eyes and my eyes look more bright and shining now. These lenses are for those who do not want to look different from the original looks. Believe me, you will not be wearing these lenses for the big eyes dolly look, but for the amazing color it has. (If you're looking for contacts with huge enlargement effects, I would not recommend you to use these, as these are more for a natural look.) 
* Color: ♥ 5/5
I LOVE the color. It looks a bit grey-green-hazel-brownish, yet still quite natural. I love the color effects of these lenses!!

* Comfortableness: ♥ 5/5 I have been wearing these lenses up to 12 hours without any problem! These lenses are very soft and thin, I can barely feel them. These are really comfortable! (These are compared to the Circle Brown ones, more comfortable!)
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for so many hours. xD It's bad for the eyes!)

*Overall: I LOVE these lenses! I love the color effects and it's very comfy to wear! These lenses have a decent size, which makes it very natural and the color is very "eye-catching". I love the brightening effect of these lenses. My eyes look more lively wearing these! These lenses are the most "unnatural colored" ones I have ever tried, and now they are also my favorite ones to wear! 

Like mentioned in my previous post, there is one thing I don't like about these lenses. They don't come in my prescription. My left eye is -4.25 and my right eye is -4.00. (These lenses are only available in either -4.00 or -4.50 =.=''.....) HOWEVER!!! I've got good news! Rainbow Color Contacts will be producing a new batch with NEW COLORS and more prescription options! YAY!!! ^^v 

I highly recommend these lenses to those who are looking for natural, yet eye-catching color cons. I absolutely LOVE the color of these lenses!! I will definitely repurchase these lenses!
(These lenses are currently out of stock! =( I want these!!! Please restock!! ) 

Me wearing Rainbow Color Cosmetic Color Contacts - Wood Ash
(False lashes: Dolly Wink Natural Girly,
BBcream: Missha M Signature Real Complete,
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Kiss Me impact liquid eyeliner, 

Lipcare: Clinique Chubby Stick Heaping Hazelnut)

I have also bought a lot of Candy Doll makeup at TokyoNinki, so I will be posting about those soon!^^

Thanks for reading! ^^

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