Sunday, June 9, 2013

[Review] Etude Houseღ Etoinette Heart Blusher #OR201 【使用心得】

I love everything that is pink, cute and girly girl, so I could not stop myself from buying a shitload of pink products that I don't even use. This Etude House Ettoinette Heart Blusher is also one of my impulse purchases, as I don't even use blush for my everyday makeup...xD

Have you seen how cute this packaging is?? The princess-like packaging of this blusher simply stole my heart! 

I got all excited when I saw all the pictures of this blusher. Not only because it's pink and has a princess-like packaging, but also because it has it cute puff with a pink bow and heart-shaped shimmering pressed-powder (blusher). 


I ordered this Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher online and, in my opinion, this product is quite pricey. I was actually afraid that the cute hearts would damage during transit, but luckily it didn't. ^^
This Etude House Ettoinette Heart Blusher comes in "2 colors", #PK001 which is pinkish and #OR201 which is more orange. I have chosen for #OR201(orange), as I don't like pink-red cheeks. (It simply doesn't suit me.)

Every packaging comes with 10 heart-shaped pressed powders, and the pressed powder comes in 3 shades >> Orange, Gold and Pink.
 (However, it's hard to tell the difference between the gold and orange one on the skin.)

 Can you see the difference.....?


Like mentioned before, there is also a cute white puff with a pink ribbon included in the pink powder case. However, I find it bit difficult to get the powder on the puff, especially when you're trying to have the colors evenly on the puff. I prefer using a blush brush, as it is much easier to apply the blush evenly on the face. 

Pros & Cons:
♥Cutest packaging ever!
♥Long lasting (been wearing this blush for 8 hours, no need to touch up my makeup)
♥Nice color shades
♥Shimmering effect is very nice

 Hard to apply with the puff included
As mentioned before, I usually don't use blush, in fact, I bought this product just because of the cute packaging. xD It's really nice to look at! xD This Etude House Ettoinette Heart blusher is, in my opinion, a very nice product. I like the colors and the shimmering effect on my face. If you are looking for a cute blusher, I would highly recommend this product! 

Overall rating 7.5/10

I also bought this cute Etude House Etoinette brush collection.. xD 
Look how gorgeous!

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