Sunday, March 10, 2013

[Review] Bird's Nestღ Whitening & Firming facial mask by Watsons【使用心得】

[Review] Bird's Nestღ Whitening & Firming facial mask by Watsons
屈臣氏燕窩精華 - 淨白緊致面膜【使用心得】


Hey Beauties! 
Today I am going to share one of my favorite facial mask with you. The Bird's Nest whitening & firming facial mask by Watsons. I guess most of you have heard or seen this mask before, as it is quite popular in Hong Kong & China. I have seen this mask many times in the Watsons while I was in China, however I wasn't tempted to buy them. Reason?'s quite expensive.....

So why am I using it now? My friend bought a few boxes of this mask and she gave me a few sheets to try out! =D

There are 5 sheets in a box. Each sheet is drenched in 30 ml of essence (which is a lot!). 

The essence contains: 
1.Bird's Nest 
2. Snow lotus
3. Hexapeptide

 The packaging says "Watsons Bird's whitening & firming facial mask also contains Aloe Vera leaf extract, hydrolyzed pearl, silk & soy proteins and hyaluronic acid, to deeply hydrate and nourish skin, as well as boost skin luminosity and elasticity for a clearer, brighter, smoother skin texture."

1. Use after facial cleansing. 
2. Place the mask sheet on your face and smooth out the mask perfectly fit to the face contour.
3. Leave for 20 minutes, then remove. No need to rinse off
4. Massage the remaining essence into skin until fully absorbed.

*Avoid using on burned, damaged or sensitive skin. 

My face looked too scary with that mask .... So I decided not to post those pics online... xD



1 Day after using the mask....
(No BB cream, No foundation.. nothing but eyeliner...)

Pros & Cons:
  ♥ Brightens my skin
♥ very moisturizing
♥ Softening effect
♥ Lasting effect (2-3 days)
♥ a lot of essence
♥ Less dry spots
♥ cooling effect
♥ comfortable to wear
♥ not sticky!!!!

Not the cheapest....
No whitening effect? (I don't see a difference.. =.='' xD)

If you're looking for a mask with lasting effects, I would highly recommend this product! This mask is amazing. It brightens my skin and it became more radiant. My skin felt very hydrated and very soft for 2-3 days.The mask was quite huge, but comfortable to wear. (The smell of the mask was normal.) This mask is definitely worth trying

Overall rating 8.5/10


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