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[Review] Laneigeღ Water Sleeping Pack_ex 【使用心得】

[Review] Laneigeღ Water Sleeping Pack_ex - 
Snow Crystal & hydrated skin with Snow water science
Hey Beauties
Today I am going to share one of my favorite skincare products with you. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_ex - Snow Crystal clear & hydrated skin with snow water scienceA mask that hydrates your skin while sleeping! 

(I guess everyone has seen Laneige's products before, the Korean Skin Care products that Song Hye Kyo uses!!! xD)

This water sleeping pack comes in a jar of 80 ml and it contains snow water science which hydrates and brightens the skin
" Due to harmful external causes such as air pollution and UV rays as well as various internal causes such as stress and skin impurities, skin texture and tone are damaged easily.  Using Laneige Special Care once or twice a week provides concentrated vitality to the rough and dull skin to restore bright and crystal clear complexion.
Water Sleeping Pack_EX with light gel-type texture gives intensive hydration, vitality and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation through aroma scent. The Himalaya Snow Water helps to keep your skin to look more crystal clear and vitalized“ 

I was tempted to use this product because of the snow water science of this product. My sis gave a jar to try out and I have been in love with this product since
This sleeping pack has a nice gel texture and a nice appealing blue color. xD I usually use quite a generous amount to cover my whole face and neck. This sleeping pack comes comes with a plastic spatula, so no problems with hygiene.=)
oh and uhhh..the smell of this product is incredibly nice!!! 


the plastic spatula^^

gel consistency that is readily absorbed

So how to use this product? 
  • In the evening, follow the face relaxing massage  as shown below once skin refiner and emulsion are applied to skin after wash.
  • After taking appropriate amount (2.5cm in diameters is recommended) mark on nose tip.cheeks, forehead,and chin area, and enjoy the scent for about 3 seconds (extra eye care products can be skipped)
  • Gently spread over the face from inner to outer part along the skin texture.
  • Go to sleep after the product is absorbed without rinsing off. (wash the face in the next morning)
*Use once or twice a week
*Apply more than recommended amount when you skin is particularly dry. 
*Open the cap and enjoy the scent of Water Sleeping Pack_EX about 5 seconds before use to relieve stress xD
* Apply to neck area for neck care

 There is also a small version of this sleeping pack (20ml)

Pros & Cons:
♥ Softening effect, my skin feels incredibly soft the next morning!!!
♥ very moisturizing, this sleeping pack contains Hyaluronic Acid (玻尿酸)
♥ Brightens my skin
♥ Lasting effect (2-3 days)
♥ Less dry spots
♥ cooling effect
♥very convenient to use
♥easy for lazy people (just apply and sleep!) 
♥very nice scent!
♥ not sticky!!!!

.???? nothing! The price of this product is USD 26 for 80 ml (TWD 800 / HKD200), not the cheapest, but worth the price! 

This product is amazing! My skin felt incredibly soft the next morning and If you're looking for a mask with lasting effects, I would highly recommend this product! It brightens my skin and it became more radiant. My skin felt very hydrated and very soft for 2-3 days.This mask is also very convenient for lazy people!

Overall rating 9/10

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