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[SPONSORED POST] Ellen Panda - 4 color brown & Ellen Panda - 4 color Blue (KLENSPOP)

HAPPY 2016!!!

Hello everyone, I took a (short) hiatus as usual, because I was busy managing my personal life. LOL
Time goes by so quickly when you're having fun. I had a great Christmas and New Year celebration and I was surrounded with so many things that were important at the moment. I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the holidays and I hope there will be so much more fun to come.

In my previous post I mentioned how much I was disappointed by PHILIPS because of my VISAPURE ADVANCED that died on me within 2 months. Having a defective product could happen, I completely understand that. The problem was how the handled my problem. They promised me a refund because they didn't had the product on stock anymore. The refund would be in within 2 weeks, which never happened. Later on, I sent an email to ask about the whole situation, but I never received an answer. Then I decided to contact them by chat, they told me that it was still processing and it might still take a while. However, 3 hours after the chat session, I received an email from DHL by Philips wanting me to send the product back. I was shocked by the fact that I received that email after a month waiting for my refund, while I explicitly asked whether I had to do something, where they said no. I contacted the service center telling me that I must send the defective product back otherwise I would not receive my money back. The reason why they didn't tell me in the first place? They said, they don't know. It is a expensive product, so they need it. I was like yes it is a expensive product indeed, but the way the handled my case was extremely sloppy.

Okay back to the review, KLENSPOP has sent some amazing lenses to me while ago and I decided to put them both in 1 review because it's actually the same type of lenses, just in another color.

 KLENSPOP usually decided what they send me and they proposed the ELLEN PANDA 4 color Brown & Blue to me. I wasn't able to choose which color I liked more so I wanted to try both. When I received them I thought I would like the blue one over the brown one, Because the brown one looks kinda normal and blue usually pops out a little bit more on my eyes.

The brown color looks a little bit hazel while the blue one has more colors in it. 

Manufacturer: Lenspop
Diameter: 14.80 mm
Graphic Dia: 14.50 mm

Country of Origin: Korea
Life Span: 6 Months Disposable
Base Curve: 8.8 mmWater Content: 45%
Contents: Sterile Hydrophilic Contact Lenses
Color: Brown & Blue


I have been so lazy lately that I haven't made any new bare-eyed Selfie. Just look at the older ones, my eyes don't change xD.




*Dolly Size 6/5
The size of these lenses are gigantic, especially because of the dark color. The dark color makes the eyes look even bigger! Just look at it, I was shocked myself! (To me it is a little bit too over-sized...o.O)
( if you're looking for contacts with natural effects, I would not recommend you to use these, as these are more for a dolly look.)

Color naturalness:  4/5
The blue -brown color is very natural, it blends in perfectly with my own eye color and it pops out the eyes a lot, also because of the size. You can't really see the blue on the eyes, because it is quite darkening. 

Color effects:  3/5
These blue- brown lenses blend in well with my eye color, it pops out the eyes a lot.  It enhances the whole look of the eyes. You see it sparkling a little bit because of the color effects. These lenses simply makes the eyes look gigantic with a blue-shade inside.

Dolly effects:  6/5
These lenses are amazing dollies. It has a huge enlargement effect, the blue color adds the special color effect to make the eyes more mesmerizing. The eyes look extremely innocent, yet a bit mysterious because of the blue effect. These are the dolliest contacts I have ever tried! (I made it 6 out of 5 just look at them haha)

* Comfortableness: ♥♥ 5/5  
These lenses are great for wear. I did not poke me and my eyes didn't feel uncomfortable. 
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for too many hours. It's bad for the eyes!)





*Dolly Size 6/5
same as above!

Color naturalness:  5/5
I thought these lenses would look less mesmerizing, but I was wrong! The color looks more natural because it is just brown and hazel. It blends in well with the eyes, yet the eyes look extremely mesmerizing.

Color effects:  5/5
The colors blends well with my natural eye color, but with depth. You see that the eyes are more sparkly. The hazel color looks a little bit greyish in the eyes, making it pop a lot more (yes more than the blue one!)

Dolly effects:  6/5
same as above, but the BLUE one is more dolly compared to this one. This brown one has a lot more depth in effects. 

* Comfortableness: ♥♥ 5/5  
same as above!

I didn't write much about the brown one because it was kind of the same as the blue one. However, I prefer the brown one much more! The colors are extremely natural but it also makes the eyes look a little bit grey-ish! The blue color made me extremely dolly, even dollier than the brown one which I thought that would do so. The dark blue color doesn't come out that much as the hazel color in the lenses. Both lenses are extremely huge. I would never wear them for everyday use, because I might scare people with them. They do look very cute on pictures though. I kinda scared myself with the blue one because it looked so fluffy one me. The brown color looked a lot more mesmerizing instead of cute. 

Highly recommended lenses. They are cute!!!! 

I enjoyed wearing these lenses, without falsies. I just applied some mascara and a eyeliner and I was ready to go. These lenses made my eyes pop-out so much that it would look odd with too much makeup, so I decided not using fake lashes. I love the fact that these lenses make my eyes speak so much already without adding any makeup!

Grab yours at

  < ---- left: blue    ------> right: brown


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