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I have been facing some difficulties in life which made me very stressful lately. Time flies by and I cannot believe that it is Christmas in a month... So what is new in my life since last year Christmas? I must say, my life has been full of surprises this year and it made me happier. However, the happier it made me, the more I will worry about life decisions etc.

Another thing that has been bothering me lately is the fact that PHILIPS has been disappointing me in terms of service again and again. I feel not being respected as a consumer, while I have so many products of them. To be honest I have been very happy with all their products, but their after-sales service sucks ass. Will be telling you all about it in my next post.

To be honest, I am really a lazy blogger. I do it for fun and just because I love doing it. However, I am usually quite busy with my own job and hanging or just doing nothing at home. I have been promising so many blog posts which I have not even written yet. I hope I will get my ass further next year. Another Thing that made me very happy are all the amazing color/circle lenses sponsored by KLENSPOP. I must say there isn't one that I don't like. KLENSPOP gave me the opportunity to try more colors and types of color lenses that I would never have purchased myself. I must say a lot of them surprise me a lot. Once again, THANK YOU KLENSPOP.
I even have readers who are interested in the lenses I wear just because of the blog posts and my pictures. I love making all exaggerated colors and/or
sizes more natural so everyone is able to wear them.

Yes, another blog post about the amazing lenses I have been getting sponsored. This time huge blue dollies which make me look extremely innocent. HAHA

As you can see the color of the lenses are greyish blue with a dark blue/black border, which makes the eyes more dolly. I find the color of the lenses very pretty, it looks diamond-ish.

Manufacturer: Belmore
Diameter: 14.20 mm
Graphic Dia: 13.6 mm

Country of Origin: Korea
Life Span: 6 Months Disposable
Base Curve: 8.8 mmWater Content: 45%
Contents: Sterile Hydrophilic Contact Lenses
Color: Lizzy Blue

All contact lenses of KLENSPOP come in separate vials and a cute pink-white lens holder.

 ----------------------------------------------------------- SELFIE WITHOUT LENSES TIME-------------------

I have been so lazy lately that I don't even make pictures without lenses anymore. Well I still look he same without lenses, so I just might as well use these pictures. haha My own eye-color is dark brown with a slightly darker brown border around it. LOL I call it a fake dolly lens.  I still prefer wearing color lenses though!
 -----------------WARNING: A LOT PICTURES with real lashes! -------------------------------------
close up with natural light.





*Dolly Size 5/5
The size of these lenses are huge, especially because of the dark color. The dark color makes the eyes look even bigger!
( if you're looking for contacts with natural effects, I would not recommend you to use these, as these are more for a dolly look.)

Color naturalness:  3/5
The blue color is very natural, it blends in perfectly with my own eye color and it pops out the eyes a lot. However, you cannot call it natural because it is very blue-ish. 

Color effects:  3/5
These blue lenses blend in well with my eye color, it pops out the eyes a lot.  It enhances the whole look of the eyes. However, there is no real color-effect. It simply makes the eyes look a lot bigger with a blue-shade inside.

Dolly effects:  5/5
These lenses are amazing dollies. They are not simply black or brown, which is for a natural enlargement effect, the blue color adds the special color effect to make the eyes more mesmerizing. The eyes look extremely innocent, yet a bit mysterious because of the blue effect.

* Comfortableness: ♥♥ 5/5  
These lenses are great for wear. I did not poke me and my eyes didn't feel uncomfortable. 
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for too many hours. It's bad for the eyes!)

I must say these lenses look great on pictures. They eyes pop out so much, that it's a little bit unnatural. However, you won't notice them that much in real life. But I must say, they also don't look natural at all, because of the size and color you will notice them. The lenses could go for everyday-wear, because it doesn't look odd at all. 

I enjoyed wearing these lenses, without falsies. I just applied some mascara and a eyeliner and I was ready to go. These lenses made my eyes pop-out so much that it would look odd with too much makeup, so I decided not using fake lashes. I love the fact that these lenses make my eyes speak so much already without adding any makeup!

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