Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ReFaღ Pro Platinum Electronic Roller Review【使用心得】

Hello everyone, hello 2015,

I haven't been blogging for almost 2 months and there is a reason for it. Okay, I admit I have been lazy and busy for a while but the main reason is because my laptop died! T.T My pretty Sony VAIO died!! I was browsing online for a new pink laptop, but I coudn't find any, so I bought a white one. I still have to get used to this keyboard and the smaller screen I have now.

I don't have any new changes in the new year, except for a new laptop and phone. lol.

So how did your year start?

Okay, enough about my crap life.. xD Today I will be writing about a quite expensive goodie that I bought a while ago. I guess some of you might have heard of it before. It's called REFA roller. REFA roller is a massage roller that will reduce puffyness in the face and body.

This massage roller claims to

  • tighten the pores,
  • improve blood circulation, 
  • enhances collagen production
  • reduces wrinkels and fine lines
  • improve the shape of your jaw-line (The so-called V-Shape)

I guess reasons enough to be tempted by this massage roller! I always wanted to have a V-shape jaw line, but what I hate the most is having a bloated face. My face can like 4 times bigger on pictures and 2 times bigger in real life. I have a horrible water retention. My face is often swollen and bloated, so I wanted to buy something that could reduce puffyness in my face. I usually use my knuckles as it works fine as well, but I saw this thing on sale(still 100 USD =.='') and have read a lot good ratings about it so I decided to give it a try.

(I have bought those cheap ass plastic rollers before, hoping it will make my face slimmer, but those are really crap. It might only work when you use a lot of strength and keep on rolling for 30 minutes each day.. =.='')

This roller comes in a box with an instruction booklet and CD in Japanese. (Yea I can't read Japanese!) To be honest, the instructions weren't that important, like how difficult could this tool be? It's just rolling. haha

As you can see in the pictures, it is just rolling through the spot you like to tighten/slim. I usually only use this roller on my face as I am too lazy to do the rest of my body. Doing my face is already a hassle! =.='' At the beginning it might hurt a little bit, it's the water that you are rolling away. Remember to apply loads of face cream/moisturizers on your skin before you roll it, otherwise you will get fine-lines instead of reducing them. lol.

I would say, follow the instructions and keep on rolling for 5 minutes and you'll see amazing results.


My skin feels more tighten and face looks slightly smaller than before. This massage roller really does work, but was it worth buying? I would say yes if you can easily afford this. (It is cheaper than plastic surgery though! xD) When you are massaging the face exactly the same way with your knuckles as the roller does. You can actually achieve the same results (maybe just not as quick) with your knuckles. So, if you want to achieve faster and better results, I would take a hot bath, and use my knuckles to massage my face during my face wash and use this REFA Roller after my fash wash for another 5 minutes.

Would you purchase such expensive beauty tool just for a little change?
Thanks for reading! ^^


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