Friday, December 19, 2014

[Review] Diorღ Hydra Life BB Cream 【使用心得】

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Didn't expect to have time to do another review before Christmas, but here I am again with another blog post. Seems I have a lot more spare time to spend on my blog lol. I have been working less these months, therefore I can update more often. As you all might have noticed, I love purchasing new skincare products and cosmetics. So I have a lot to talk about. 

A lot people often ask me what brand BB Cream I prefer and recommend. I usually answer Missha, because I have been using that BB cream since 2011 and I it is still my all time favorite. I do often try new products and sometimes I use other brands during different seasons. I love Maybelline's BB Mouse during summer, because my skin is feels oily during summer, and Maybelline's BB Mouse gives me a nice matte feel and a good coverage. I have another BB cream I love when I have extremely dry skin during cold days, which is Kanebo's Freshel (which I still need to review).

I was very curious about the mainstream big brands BB creams inventions. For those who don't know yet, BB Cream is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to sooth and regenerate the skin." BB Cream is a product with skin conditioning effects like whitening, moisturizing and has an anti-wrinkle effect. It'll make your skin as smooth and soft as a baby lol xD. 

Okay, what I wanted to say is that Western Brands don't have a whitening function in their products. From what I now is that the European market has different product needs than the Asian market. So, the western BB cream should be different from the Asian BB cream. I have been reading a lot reviews and product information about the expensive new western BB creams, and I was right. There was no whitening nor anti-wrinkle effect in those bb creams. It was more a moisturizing foundation, with a lighter coverage and some people even get an orange color after use. Therefore, I didn't dare to try any of these yet. However, I came across Dior's Hydra Life BB cream and it has quite good ratings, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn't sure which color shade would suit me, as I usually need 1 shade darker than the lightest color available (for Asian products). Surprisingly, I needed the lightest color according to the salesperson. 


 * Color (Coverage, pay-off):  ♥    1/5
The lightest color shade available in this BB cream is way too dark for me, which is weird because I don't really have a light skintone. I am more an average, and the lightest shade is only suitable for tanned people. Thus, this BB cream is a no go for light skin-toned beauties. 
The color pay-off is not only to dark for me, it also has a weird orange undertone, which made me look very orangy. The coverage of the BB cream is okay, it covers my uneven skin tone.

 * Moisturizing:    ♥  3/5
Even though the color isn't a great match with me, my skin feels nice moist after use. Sometimes it feels too moist, that I'll feel sticky. So, it depends on your skin condition. 

 Overall♥ ♥  2/5
The consistency of the BB cream is great. It feels watery and it is easy to apply. However, it has a strong scent, which I don't really like. The coverage (as mentioned above), is quite okay. I do get an even skin tone after applying. (It's just that it'll become orange after a while.) At first, I really liked this BB cream. However, I noticed it made me orange. I feel kinda sad because I am not able to use this tube anymore and this product is, in my opinion, quite expensive. I would not recommend this as a nice BB cream, especially when you're not tanned or have a dark skin-tone. 

 This is the first time I am writing a blog post with quite low ratings, however, I must say I have been really honest about all the products I have been writing about. I love Dior's Hydra Life line, I love their face cleanser, creme sorbet moisturizer and the serum. This product just doesn't work for me, but it might work for you.
Oh, and another thing. BB cream is more an Asian product, I would go for Asian brands. Those are usually more effective and useful for Asian skin needs. Those are also usually more affordable.

Thank you for reading and Happy Christmas everyone! <3

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