Saturday, December 6, 2014

[Off topic] Reason to visit The Netherlands (Holland) during spring ^^ Keukenhof

I guess lots of you haven't noticed yet, but I live in The Netherlands! haha.. So have you ever wanted to go to Europe? Ever wanted to visit The Netherlands? Here's a reason why you should visit this European country during spring.

If your hear The Netherlands, Holland or Amsterdam.. what is the first thing you think of? I guess most of you will think of "the red-light district", "cheese", "drugs", "tulips" or even "van Gogh museum".

Have you ever heard of the biggest and prettiest garden in Europe? " The Garden of Europe" is located in The Netherlands..and named "Keukenhof".

A lot of you might not know but I am born in Amsterdam, which makes me a official Dutchie. The Netherlands isn't a big country and I've never been interested in all those touristic places, as I am not a tourist here. However, after living in Asia, I have gained new thoughts about this European Country. Therefore, I decided to visit a few places where I haven't been before and are worth visiting.

I never got the chance to visit Keukenhof, as it isn't near the place I live and its opening hours and dates are limited. This beautiful garden is usually open from Mid-March to Mid-May at 8;00 to 19;30. So, this year I finally got the chance to visit Keukenhof.

Before my visit, I did some research on how to go to the park and what the prices are. There are some direct buses from Schiphol airport and Leiden Central station. These are buses are approximately 4 euro for a round-ticket. The ticket for Keukenhof is roundabout 15 euro. (You can also purchase a combi-deal with a transport and admission ticket.) To be honest, I found the tickets slightly to expensive, but well everything here in the Netherlands is expensive and I'm going only once, so why not?! xD

At the entrance you will notice some lockers for visitors, these lockers are free of charge, so you don't worry when you're carrying heavy bags!

When I got inside the park, I was immediately overwhelmed by all the colors. The park was extremely huge and there was soo much to see. Make sure you use a park guide or check out the signs because you might get lost in this huge maze.

Some flowers weren't that pretty anymore as it was already the end of April. End of March is the best period to visit Keukenhof!

There are some small restaurants and cafe's in the park where you can enjoy typical dutch snacks like mini pancakes (poffertjes), pancakes, waffles and breadies. There is also a tea house where they serve all kinds of flower tea. Might be interesting for tea-lovers. ^^

When you leave the park, you can even purchase plants, flowers, souvenirs or flowerbulbs. (Also make sure you checked the transfer bus timetable, as the waiting time can take while.)

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