Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Review] Jewerichღ No.4 false lashes


It's getting cold here in the Netherlands and I am getting lazier in updating my blog. I have been writing some other blog posts but I haven't finished them yet. I hope I can finish those soon. 
Okay, I realized that writing reviews go quicker than other random posts. Maybe because I don't have a lot of those random posts. Sorry for being lazy, it's just that I have a lot of other things to do. 

I have actually prepared this blog post a while ago, but didn't update yet. So, have you ever heard of Jewerich Falsies? This is how it looks like:

 I got these falsies sponsored by TokyoNinki a long time ago YAY! =D (Nevertheless, I am going to be honest about these! ^^, Thank you Chloe for the heads up! I still have a pair of pink lenses that I still need to review)

I never wear false lashes unless it's for a party or a blog post. Reason? I think it would be too much on me, and I don't think it is necessarily needed. However, I adore them on my eyes, I would love to have more occasions where I could wear them.

I don't wear false lashes often because I prefer a more natural look. Therefore I also have a preference for natural looking lashes. Jewerich and Jewelove lashes are quite similar to Dolly Wink's lashes. They are light and easy to use. However, Jewerich & Jewelove have a slightly more dramatic look.

These lashes are packed separately and it comes with 2 pairs. However, it doesn't come with a glue, you'll have to purchase that one separately. I personally think that a good glue is even more important that the quality of the lashes, but of course they have to be good both. Therefore, I used my favorite glue... DOLLY WINK^^.

How to apply these lashes? 
1. Bend the lashes slightly to create more curve so that it'll fit the size of your eyelid better. 
2. Cut length if necessary.
3. Put some adhesive glue (not included') on the root of the lash line.
4. Place it along the eye line of your original Lashes
5. Press the falsies with the fingers to fit gently and firmly.

Jewerich eyelashes are really easy to apply. My eyes did not feel uncomfortable while applying these lashes. However, I think it would irritate me after long wear as it's like wearing something huge on the eyes.
As you can see, these lashes are quite full and long. However, they aren't that noticeable from a distance. I think it's actually possible to wear these more often. (When you're not lazy xD )

I absolutely adore these lashes on my eyes. The effect is amazing. The quality of the lashes are also very good, so you can even re-use these lashes. 

(For those who are interested in my contacts... I am wearing Pegavision - Japanese Flower special edition)

Pros & Cons:
♥Easy to apply!!
♥Comfortable to wear!!
♥The lashes are very soft♥ Good quality
♥Easy to remove! (will not break)
♥Comes with 2 pairs.

✖ No Glue included.......
✖ Huge lashes.....
✖ These lashes are a bit pricey.. =(
✖ Not natural enough

These are good quality lashes which you can re-use many times, it is easy to apply and comfy to wear. Recommended!      
Overall Rating 8/10

I am kinda lost in how I want to have my hair. People are asking me to dye my hair more red, or a dark color. I am also still considering cutting my hair short. Well.. we'll see. I will be updating my other posts soon and I try not be that lazy in the future... xD

More me wearing the lashes:
 (Contacts: Pegavision Aquamax Color 日係花舞
Upper False lashes: Jewerich No.4
Lower False lashes: Dolly Wink No.14 Natural Cute,
BBcream: Missha M Signature Real Complete
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Kiss Me impact liquid eyeliner, 
Lipcare: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 01)


  1. Ohh these lashes look beautiful on your eyes~ :3
    I have tried Jewerich before but they seem to always poke me in my eyes! :C

    1. These lashs are kinda big, you might want to cut off a lil bit otherwise it'll poke your eyes.

      thanks for reading =)