Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Review] Jeweloveღ no.2 Innocent Eyes 【使用心得】

Hello Cuties!!

I'm back again with a short review^^! I still have soo many products to review...xD Today I'm going to review something I have bought a little while ago. Something that I don't use often, but just simply adore for parties or for pictures. Nope today isn't about circles or color lenses, but falsies! ^______^ !!

TokyoNinki had a special promotion on these Jewelove False eyelashes, so I was tempted to try these. xD

I've actually written a review about Jewelove eyelashes before, so this post might look a little bit similar to those who have read that post. These Jewelove lashes come in 2 pairs and they are packed separately in plastic boxes. However, these lashes doesn't come with glue. So I had to use my Dolly Wink lashes glue...... =.='' again. xD (Can someone tell me why it doesn't come with glue? .... =/ )

How to apply these lashes? 
1. Bend the lashes slightly to create more curve so that it'll fit the size of your eyelid better. 
2. Cut length if necessary.
3. Put some adhesive glue (which isn't included in the package....=.='') on the root of the lash line.
4. Place it along the eye line of your original Lashes
5. Press the falsies with the fingers to fit gently and firmly.

I have bought Jewelove's Natural eyes & Innocent Eyes. The Natural Eyes one wasn't that natural though.... So do I look innocent with these innocent eyes flasies? Haha these lashes make me look extremely dolly.
These falsies are full and big, you will notice them immediately, even from a distance.. xD

Jewelove's eyelashes are really easy to apply. My eyes did not feel uncomfortable while applying these lashes. However, it did feel a little bit heavy on my eyes, I guess it would irritate me after long wear. 
I would not recommend these lashes for everyday wear, because the length and the size of these lashes aren't that natural! XD As you can you see the lashes are extremely long and full.

These lashes doesn't feel plastic, so they are actually comparable to the ones of Dolly Wink.

(For those who are interested in my contacts... I am wearing GEO Rainbow Color - Vivid Brown)


Pros & Cons:
♥Easy to apply!!
♥Comfortable to wear!!
♥The lashes are very soft 
♥Easy to remove! (will not break)
♥Comes with 2 pairs.

✖ No Glue included.......
✖ Heavy lashes......(as you can see..these lashes are extremely huge xD)
✖ These lashes are a bit pricey.. =(
✖ Not natural at all

I adore the innocent look it gives me. xD haha These falsies make me look extremely dolly and innocent.. xD I would not recommend these for everyday wear. These lashes are in comparison with Dolly Wink, even dolly'er and full. However, I still prefer Dolly Wink's falsies, as those are more comfortable to wear^^!

Overall Rating 8/10


 (Contacts: GEO Rainbow Color -Vivid Brown), 
Falsies: Jewelove - Innocent Eyes
BB Cream: Dior -BB cream Beige Lumiere
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Kiss Me impact liquid eyeliner, 

Lipcare: Clinique Chubby Stick Heaping Hazelnut)

I am still considering cutting my hair short...but... I think I'm only  going to like it for 2 days or something... xD But I really want to change my hairstyle. So I might dye it darker again... xD Will dark hair suit me? .. xD I might dye it black again.... xD

OHHH I always wanted to have an eyelid surgery as I have uneven eyelids..=.='' But.. uhm an eyelid surgery is wayyyy too expensive and what if it goes wrong...=S  So I am going to try to even out my eyelids without surgery, using eyelid tape. xD (It worked on Michelle Phan, the famous beauty guru, so I will try it aswell xD) I'll keep you up to date! xD 

Thanks for reading!^^

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