Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Review] Etude Houseღ Correct & Care CC Cream - Silky 【使用心得】

Hello cuties

It's been a while since my last update! I have been pretty busy with moving for the last few weeks, but hey say hello to my new house!=D 

I'm back again with a short post about a product that I have been using a while...Etude House's Correct & Care Cream. I was so tempted to buy this after reading about this product. 

CC Cream also known as Color Correct Cream/ Correct & Care Cream, is a refined version of BB cream. CC cream was developed to retain all the benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients whilst reducing the appearance of skin redness... so CC cream is more a skincare product with a coverage.
Sounds very convincing huh?

Etude House's CC Cream is available in Silky(for normal/oily skin) and Glow (for dry skin). I have chosen for silky because I dislike having an oily look on my face.

This CC Cream has a 8-in-1 Multi-function:
- Anti-aging
- Stress Relief
- Hydration
- Whitening
- Wrinkle care
- Sun- protection
- Tone-up
- Smooth texture
- Luminosity 

The cream itself has a white color with tiny grey colored micro-beads in it. The color of the CC Cream changes after rubbing/massaging it. 
As you can see the color of my hand is much lighter than before. I quite like this effect. It's very natural.^^


*Anti-aging? (xx)
Not sure whether it is really anti-aging. Can't say much about it, I will be aging anyway..... xD 

*Stress Relief? (xx)
Hahaha... uhh... again, don't know what to say about the stress relief part... I feels nice on the skin though.. lol.. xD

*Hydration? (2.5/5)
My skin felt hydrated when I was applying this product. It took ages to dry on my skin.... =.='' Which I actually dislike because my face looked glowy, grey and it smudges! After a few hours of wearing I didn't feel any hydration effect.. my skin felt very flaky and dry. 

Yes, it makes my skin whiter within a minute.. xD I have no idea whether it has an long lasting effect since I am not using it that often. 

*Sun-protection? (5/5)
Yups, SPF30 PA++ =D

*Tone-up? (2.5/5)
Umm.. yes and no. My skin tone looked nice in the first hour... but after a few hours my face looked a bit orangy and grey... =.='' (You might want to use BB cream for a better tone-up and coverage. )

*Smooth texture? (5/5)
Yep, Smooth indeed! 

*Luminosity? (1/5)
Only the first hour... xD 

Pros & Cons:

♥Natural Look
♥Very softening for the skin
♥Easy to apply
♥Nice scent!
♥Nice packaging (comes with a pump)
♥Sun protection

 ✖Bad coverage
 ✖Poor oil control
✖No hydration effect

I was kinda disappointed by this product. It's an okay product to use as primer. This CC Cream has a very light coverage, it doesn't conceal, it's more to even out the skin tone a bit. I like the whitening effect it gives me, however it doesn't last.. =(



 (Contacts: GEO Rainbow Color - Wood Ash), 
REAL LASHES!! Mascara: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long Mascara
CC Cream: Etude House CC Cream- Silky
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Kiss Me impact liquid eyeliner, 

Lipcare: Clinique Chubby Stick Heaping Hazelnut)

I have been thinking a lot lately..... I kinda have the urge to cut a bob hairstyle..xD Would it suit me? I really want to change something... or shall I dye my hair black again? xD 
Ok.. I will continue the thinking...xD I'll be back soon with a new review. 

Byebye thanks for reading^^! xx

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