Thursday, April 11, 2013

[Review] Koji Dolly Winkღ False Eyelashes No.7 Vivid Pop【使用心得】

Hi everyone,

I actually tried the Dolly Wink lower lashes after writing the previous blog post, so here is part 2! (This is going to be a very short post!)

Why would someone buy expensive fake eyelashes? Because they are really good! Dolly Wink is in my opinion really the best in false eyelashes, they even have bottom lashes!!! <3

The bottom lashes that I am going to review:

no.07 Vivid Pop


*Upper lashes: Dolly Wink no.1 Dolly Sweet
*Bottom lashes: Dolly Wink no. 7 Vivid Pop

Vivid Pop isn't like Dolly Sweet, you have to apply these lashes one by one.

These lashes were actually quite difficult to apply, because the lashes are quite small and you have to be very precise. 
As you can see I only used three of the lashes, because I was lazy to apply them all. =P

Vivid Pop is really one of the most unnatural lower lashes they have. It's long (for bottom lashes), and it looks fake. But who cares! They look nice^^!

(Please read my previous post for more details about Dolly Wink's false lashes!)



Pros & Cons:

♥Very comfortable to wear!!
♥Glue dries very quickly 
♥The lashes are very soft 
♥Easy to remove! (without being afraid that these falsies will damage my real lashes!)
♥Cutest packaging ever!

 ✖not the cheapest =.=''

I love these fake lower eyelashes! They are comfortable! However, these aren't that easy to wear like the Dolly Sweet ones. I guess I have to practice more.. xD If you're looking for cute, nice, long and most important: comfortable to wear lashes, I would highly recommend Dolly Wink False Eyelashes! 

Overall Rating 8.8/10

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