Sunday, April 7, 2013

[Review] Koji Dolly Winkღ False Eyelashes No.1 Dolly Sweet【使用心得】

Hey girlsss!
Here's another review about Dolly Wink!^^

I am so in loveeeee with Dolly Wink's products! Why? Because of the cutest packaging they have.. xD 
I usually don't wear false lashes for my daily makeup, but I have always wanted to try those pretty, unnatural, fake lashes to create a dolly look, so I decided to purchase a few pairs to try out! =D 

The first pair I am going to review is No.1 Dolly Sweet. 

You might have noticed that the packaging of No.1 Dolly Sweet has changed. I like the old packaging more than this one.. xD 

Each package has 2 pairs of false eyelashes and a cute mini glue. The lashes are quite big, so I had to cut the lashes to fit my eyes. 



Most false eyelashes are made of plastic and are really difficult to wear. These Dolly Wink falsies are really easy to apply. The band of the falsies is very soft, so my eyes did not feel uncomfortable while applying these lashes. The glue is very strong and dries very fast, I only needed a few drops to wear them. (The glue is also very easy to apply^^)
Some cheap glues can create tension and can pull out your real lashes when you're trying to remove the fake ones. This glue is luckily not that sticky, and it didn't damage my skin and real lashes.

These eyelashes are extremely long, so I would not recommend you to apply these for everyday wear. xD However, these false lashes actually do look "very natural". It doesn't look too fake or plastic. 
(For those who are curious about my contacts... I am wearing Pegavision- Aquamax Color - Daily disposable soft contact lenses - Brown / 晶碩光學-日拋。層棕. )

So this is how they look like:

They are actually not that unnatural! (except for the length xD)

Pros & Cons:

♥Very easy to apply!!
♥Very comfortable to wear!!
♥Glue dries very quickly 
♥The lashes and the band are very soft 
♥Easy to remove! (without being afraid that these falsies will damage my real lashes!)
♥Cutest packaging ever!

 ✖PRICE =.=''

Best false eyelashes I have ever tried! I actually always hated false lashes, because my own lashes and eyelids were damaged because of the cheap falsies I have used before. So, I didn't dare to use false eyelashes anymore. However, I decided to try these, because they are the most famous and cutest false eyelashes of Japan! (The packaging of Dolly Wink's products were too cute to resist.) I totally love these lashes, they are soo comfortable and easy to wear. If you're looking for cute, nice, long and most important: comfortable to wear lashes, I would highly recommend Dolly Wink False Eyelashes! 

Overall Rating 9/10

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