Wednesday, February 7, 2018

[Sponsored post] Klenspop - Ellen Panda gray (review)

Dear All,

2016 has been a year of change to me, while 2017 has been a year of effort. I apologise for not being active for the past few years. Well, I need to work too, no?! xD

KLENSPOP has always been good to me, they have offered me many lenses and most of them ar chosen by myself. Luckily they are not picky with blogposts. HAHA

I have been wearing this pair of Ellen panda for hours now, so I guess it is time to talk about it. I have to honest with you, I have fallen for these lenses.

The color of the lenses are great, it is a combination of dark grey, light grey and yellow with a 14mm diameter. The diameter is not huge, so the fit would be good for most people.

*Natural Size 5/5
As mentioned before, the diameter of the lenses are 14mm, so they have a natural looking size. It doesn't enlarge the size of the eyes at all. 
( if you're looking for contacts with huge enlargement effects, I would not recommend you to use these, as these are more for a natural look.)

Color:  5/5
The grey color blends extremely well with my dark brown eyes. I cannot say it is natural, but it looks extremely mesmerising! You could actually wear it for every occasion, because it isn't odd at all. It just adds a special touch to your look.

* Comfortableness: ♥♥♥4/5  
These lenses are very soft and thin, however the small size were not that comfy for me. I had to get used to the lenses for a little while. After a while I couldn't feel them anymore. 
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for too many hours. It's bad for the eyes!)

*Overall: These lenses are great. The color is nice for everyday wear because it isn't that visible or odd. 
Go grab yours at
I highly recommend Klenspop for great quality contact lenses! 
For more info please go to their WEBSITE.


Hope to see you soon again!

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