Sunday, October 23, 2016

[SPONSORED POST] Bunny 4 Color C25 Green by KLENSPOP (review)

Dear All,

I am going to tell you my same old story about being busy and blablaba. Not telling it is not true, it is actually a fact. Those who have been following my Instagram must have seen my food posts in Vienna. I needed some time for myself to rethink a little bit about my life lol...
Now I am back and yet I am still busy. I just bought myself an apartment so I am busy with all the renovations etc and next to a new house, I have also accepted a new challenge in my life.

Enough blabla about myself, this post should be about my new review on KLENSPOP's wonderful lenses. I have to admit that most of these colorful lenses have grown on me. I started to actually enjoy wearing lenses that make my eyes special because of the colors.  Bunny 4 Color C25 Green is just a good example of slightly exaggeration of color that looks amazing on the eyes.

Let me show you some more up-close pictures of the lenses.

You see orange, brown, green and yellow colors combined in the lenses, that is why it is called 4 colors.

Lens Info
Brand: Siena 
Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 6 months disposal
Country of origin: South Korea

I enjoyed just looking at the lenses and I was already sure they would suit my eyes nicely. At least, it was a hope.

Here a no lens me picture:


-------------WARNING Loads of pictures------------------




*Natural Size 4/5 
These lenses have a graphic diameter of 14.2mm, which means it enlarges just a little bit. The colors of the lenses actually make the eyes pop out, so it looks optical bigger. 

( if you're looking for contacts with dolly look effects, I would not recommend you to use these, as this size will not make you look dolly.)

Color naturalness: ♥3/5 
I would define natural as blending in nicely with my own eye color, without looking odd or seeing a big difference from distance already. The color does blends nicely, however you cannot call it natural, because it does make a huge difference to my eye color. Which I personally like a lot of these lenses.

Color effects:   6/5
The color effects are amazing, you can even see them from a distance. Yet it blends nicely and you do not really look weird with these lenses. The effects sparkles the in eyes, like I am wearing diamonds in my eyes. The color changes a little bit in grey in the eyes making it look more special.

* Comfortableness: ♥♥♥♥ 5/5  
These lenses weren't uncomfortable at all. The lenses did not poke or move at all.
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for too many hours. It's bad for the eyes!)

I cannot remember whether I requested for these or not, but I am happy with the results and these lenses. These lenses are nice for everyday use when you want to catch up with friends or when you go shopping. I do admit, they are a little bit too much, but the effects do not make me look odd. I highly recommend these lenses to everyone who loves sparkling eyes!

Grab yours at


  ( BB Cream: Missha Real compact 
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Kiss Me impact liquid eyeliner, 
Mascara: Heroine Make Kiss me Long Mascara 
Lipcare: Tom Ford Matte FIRST TIME )

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