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[SPONSORED POST] Bunny 3 Color Cherie Brown by KLENSPOP (review)

Dear all,

I promised to be back soon, and here I am. I could not update earlier because my health has not been very well since I came back from Thailand. I have been resting a lot, yet I am still very tired. Next to my holiday, I have some other private things that I have been trying to manage. I guess I can call myself an owner of a property, because I just bought an apartment! I will be still very busy because everything still has to be done.

Back to my review! In my previous post I mentioned how much I loved the Bunny Color series, so this time another review featuring the Bunny Color series. I have chosen this color myself, as I thought it would look very natural with a special touch. I am going to explain that I have been wrong. xD

As you can see, the color does not look a lot brown. It is more green-hazel color with a yellow touch in it. I looked at it and I was sure it would not look natural at all. xD

Lens Info
Brand: Bunny 3 colorDiameter: 14.8mmGraphic Diameter: 14.6mmWater Content: 38%Base Curve: 8.6mmLife Span: 6 months disposalCountry of origin: South Korea

The diameter of these lenses are enormous, so it enlarges the eyes also a lot. I felt quite excited yet a little worried about the lenses. I was afraid that I was not able to wear them nicely. 

Today, I finally weren't that lazy to use older 'no contacts pictures'. I took some new ones after I took off the lenses. I still have to get used to this face as I am actually wearing a lot colored contacts. Simply because I like them, and I just have a lot of these. (I can't see without lenses and I am not used to normal glasses. xD)

So that is me without any lenses:


WARNING!!!! Loads of pictures.........................................




The very first moment when I was wearing these lenses (without makeup), I was kinda shocked. These lenses are very flashy and outstanding.

*Natural Size 2/5
These lenses just enlarged a quite a lot, just look at the pictures. I felt like a zombie when I was wearing these without makeup lol! 

( if you're looking for contacts with a Natural look, I would not recommend you to use these, as this size is enormous.)

*Dolly Size 5/5
Even though the color is not dolly, the size is extremely dolly. When you apply some makeup, you will look quite innocent because of the size. However, the color on the other hand looks extremely ‘妖’. (Sorry for the Chinese but I that word suits it too well. It means 'mean', 'strong/wild'. lol)

Color naturalness:  2/5
I said hazel, green and brown were the best colors for asians. Well for this one, it isn't! This Hazel brown color has a yellow undertone and it covers my own natural eye color. So instead of blending in, it covers! Believe me, when you're Asian you will not look natural with these lenses! xD

Color effects:  5/5
Thumbs up for the color effects of these lenses. I must admit it these lenses and these effects are not my favourite. However, the effects are amazing. These lenses will make every innocent looking girl look sexy and wild. These lenses are great for cosplay, movies and parties. 

* Comfortableness: ♥♥♥♥ 5/5  
These lenses weren't uncomfortable at all. The lenses did not poke or move at all
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for too many hours. It's bad for the eyes!)

I must say, these lenses are not easy to wear. People will look weird at me because the color pops out too much. I believe this color would look more natural on a person with green eyes. It looks amazing, but simply not for everyday wear!

Grab yours at



 ( BB Cream: Etude House 
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Kiss Me impact liquid eyeliner, 
Mascara: Dolly Wink Long Mascara
Lipcare: Tom Ford Matte FIRST TIME)

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