Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[SPONSORED POST] Bunny 3 Color Blue by KLENSPOP (review)

I remember my last blog post was just a few weeks ago and now I am trying to catch up with the following sponsored post of KLENSPOP. Don't get me wrong, I might get these lenses sponsored, but they do not interfere on my writing style. Their one and only request is a lot of pictures, like really a lot!

So here I am again, preparing to place a picture bomb. I actually prepared this blogpost a few weeks ago, already but I was not able to finish it faster.

These 3 color lenses are chosen by Klenspop themselves, and I just waited for the surprise to come to me. I am not really a big fan of blue lenses, because I tend to think they look weird on me.

Even though blue is not my favorite color, I am still open for new experiments for eye colors. I opened the packaging and looked at the blue colour. I must admit that I found it a very mesmerising colour to look at. The blue colour looks like denim blue but with a purple undertone, furthermore, you can clearly see some orange and grey colours that mix with the lenses. 

Lens Info 
Brand: Bunny 3 color
Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 6 months disposal
Country of origin: South Korea

I have finally take some new pale eyes pictures, so you can see how I look like without these eyecandies.


I admit that my eyes look less dolly and a little bit dull just because of the fact that they are just normal eyes. I personally think my eyes look very boring without colour lenses. (Be prepared that you might see these pictures a lot because I usually am wearing lenses, as I cannot see anything without them lol.)




*Natural Size 5/5
These lenses did not enlarge the look of my eyes, so the size is extremely natural. The graphic diameter is slightly smaller than my own eye colour, so it is actually a little bit too small for me.
( if you're looking for contacts with dolly look effects, I would not recommend you to use these, as these are more for a natural look.)

Color naturalness:  3/5
Blue is absolutely not natural for Asian dark brown eyes, so the colour does not look natural at all. Just because it is not natural, it pops out a lot making them very eye-catching!

Color effects:  5/5
The denim blue-orange-grey blends in nicely with my eyes. It is obviously not natural, but special. The colour effect is making my eyes look greyish blue.

* Comfortableness: ♥♥ 4/5  
These lenses weren't uncomfortable at all, however the diameter is a little bit too small for my eyes. These lenses moved a lot, making it less comfy to wear!
 (I do not recommend you to wear lenses for too many hours. It's bad for the eyes!)

Blue is still not favourite eye colour, simply because it is difficult to wear it daily without having people looking weird at me. (Not everyone accepts odd colour lenses. I have tried a lot more blue lenses before, and I must say this one looks very blue. I prefer the aqua ones a little bit more, but I am happy to have tried these before. I wore these when I went for dinner with friends and everyone told me they liked this blue colour! These lenses are extremely nice for parties and other special occasions!

Grab yours at


Will be heading for holiday soon, so see you later!! 

Thanks for reading.  

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