Monday, March 28, 2016

[REVIEW] Cremorlab - Skin Tone Up CC Cream

Dear All!

While sitting on the airplane, I found myself the best place to do some blogging. Well, at least blogging preparation can be done at this moment. (Please note that this is posted around a week after being back in Town..xD)

Like a year ago, there was a product that every Taiwanese artist was recommending. It was on beauty variety shows and it was all over Facebook claiming that it makes it possible to go out without makeup with this bottle. It also took my attention and I decided to give it a try as well. 

The product I am talking about is the Korean Cremorlab skin tone up CC Cream. The name itself promises to tone up the skin color already, so what else does this little nude-colored bottle do? 
It has a SPF of 50, which means it has a high sun protection. 

Overall, it is a bottle that moisturizes, sun protects and tones up the skin. 

This CC cream is white with small color dots.  The color of the cream will change into a more nude color after some rubbing on the skin. 

I like the packaging. It's a nude-colored bottle made from plastic, so it is very lightweight. They used a handwritten font on the bottle which looks very cute and artistic. 

Color coverage ***
Moisturizing ***
Smell ****


 It's me without makeup but with a light layer base of the CC Cream!

Is it really like magic? I say no. This product is an okay foundation with a high sun protection. The coverage of this CC Cream is rather poor. It looks good in the beginning, but the color coverage does not lasts. It feels very creamy and oily after a while. Will I buy it again? I say no. It just did not work well for me, and I really think this product is too overrated. 

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