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[Review] Maybellineღ Pure. BB Mineral BB Mousse【使用心得】

I have so many products that I still have to share my thoughts on... no idea where to start!! It seems that everyone is more interested in BB creams, so I decided to blog about another BB cream that I have been using a lot. 

Japan's Maybelline Pure. BB Mineral instant skin smoother BB mousse. 
[Review] Maybellineღ Pure. BB Mineral instant Skin smoother 8-in-1 BB mousse SPF 30 PA+++
MAYBELLINE 純淨礦物BB慕絲【使用心得】

BB cream has been very popular in Asia for the last few years. Almost every brand is producing their own version of BB cream. As mentioned in my previous post about BB cream, Korea was the first to introduce this new innovative cosmetic product, so their BB creams are also the most famous ones. Maybelline Japan has introduced something different.. they have a BB mousse!

For those who are not familiar with BB cream: "Blemish Balm, also called BB cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to sooth and regenerate the skin." BB Cream is a product with skin conditioning effects! It's a cosmetic item that is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace your moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. So, it's a skincare-cosmetic product! Sounds interesting huh?^^ 

This Maybelline Pure BB Mineral instant skin smoother BB mousse has been advertised a lot in Asia. (Especially in Taiwan.) This BB mousse is also recommended by the Taiwanese beauty guru Kevin on "Nv Ren Wo Zui Da"(女人我最大). So I wanted to try this product immediately, after seeing it on TV..xD 

Here's an ad of the product:

This BB mousse is a 8-in-1 mousse that will give you a healthier skin, poreless finish, clarity, natural radiance, reduced dullness, increased elasticity, hydration and reduced redness. 


This BB mousse only comes in one color, so it's like one color fits all. (This product is produced for the Asian market, so I think this is for all Asian skin tones ) The BB mousse comes in a spray can. Like any other spray can, you'll have to shake well before using this, otherwise you might get a very yellow-orange-colored foam. 

What I don't like from this BB mousse is that the spray can is quite hard  to use. The ad says that one pump/ one bubble of mousse is enough for the whole face, but it's hard to to control the size of the mousse. I usually get  too much mousse pumped out each time. One quick pump is more than enough. 

When I first tried this BB mousse, I had no idea how to apply this on my face. I tried to use my fingers, but it didn't really go smoothly and it was extremely difficult to blend. It's hard to spread this BB mousse evenly on the face, as it dries very quickly. My face looked so messed up! =.='' 

After several times of trying and failure, I decided to experiment with a makeup sponge and brush. I realized that the mousse became far easier to apply using these tools, so I finally found the right way to apply this mousse evenly on my face. YAY! XD

This product gave me an even-looking coverage.
However, the mousse did not feel light on my skin, but more powdery, while other BB creams make my skin look more dewy. 

I like the fact that it makes my skin very matte, especially during summer and in Taiwan, where it is super humid. However, when the skin is getting too oily or wet, the BB mousse might rub off, and the skin will end up looking unevenly.. =.='' So, you'll have to use some oil-blotting papers to prevent the patchy look. (This happens to a lot of foundations with a thick-consistency..)

Furthermore, I would not recommend this product during cold winters, as it dries out the skin. 


A small bubble of foam. 
You will need the double amount of this for the whole face.


Pros & Cons:
♥ Good coverage
♥ No exact color match is needed. (color shades adjust to your skin)
♥ Makes the skin matte (ideal for hot summers)
♥ Oil control
♥ UV protection 
♥ No scent
♥ No need for a concealer for dark spots/acne etc.

✖ Skin feels powdery, little bit of foundation look
✖ Not really moisturizing
✖ Hard to apply
✖ Hard to control the spray can ( too much mousse is pumped out each time)

I have been using this BB mousse a lot in Taiwan, where it is super humid and hot. I love the coverage of this BB mousse. However, it doesn't look that natural, unlike the other BB creams I have used before. This BB mousse doesn't really feel like a skincare product, it's more like a mousse foundation. If you don't mind the powdery foundation look, and you live at a place that is very humid, you could give this BB mousse a try. 

Overall rating 7/10


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