Saturday, November 24, 2012

[Review] Love ♥ More Black Magic White power lifting mask 黑鑽煥白

[Review]Love ♥ More Black Magic White power lifting mask Face & Neck All White 

Ingredients: diamond powder, charcoal powder, hydrolyzed roe,  black deep-sea algae, black currant fruit extract, hydrolyzed pearls, hyaluronic acid, Q10, aloe vera..

Price: 199TWD ( I bought this in Taiwan..;P) 35 ml x 5 
 *extended 5 cm neck care for lazy people!

* Very comfortable! Adheres to my skin nicely. The handy ear hooks are to prevent the mask from dropping off the face.
* Super size mask that covers my whole face & neck! 

* Fancy packaging

The Pros & Cons:
♥ extended 5 cm neck care!
♥ brightens my skin 
♥ very moisturizing
♥ very comfortable to wear
♥ not sticky!!!!
♥ affordable price
♥ nice smell
brightening effect doesn't last.. =(
 mask is quite thick

These masks were worth trying. My skin became very well hydrated and  more radiant. The extended 5 cm neck care and the ear hooks are super handy for lazy people (like me..) I can walk around or watch TV without any fear of the mask dropping off my face. However, the mask was a little bit too big for me, so it didn't give me a sharper V-shape face as promised. (oh well, at least it did cover my whole face and neck!^^)

overall rating 7/10


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